[Eril-l] Wiley e-journal proxy access setup - is there anything unique about this vendor config?

Seurer, Tracie tseurer at coloradomesa.edu
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Hello Denise,

If you are unable to get the problem resolved through EZ Proxy and can't get help through Wiley support, try your local Wiley rep. I just encountered this myself; I was redirected to a couple of different support teams at Wiley. After a couple of weeks of back and forth, I ended up emailing our rep directly and he was able to escalate the issue to the correct department.

Good luck,

Tracie Seurer
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Colorado Mesa University
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Our college is trying to set up a Wiley electronic journal title through EZ Proxy and are not having any luck with off-campus access. Has anyone run into similar problems and found a solution?

We are new to Wiley and seem to be working with several different people at Wiley who don’t seem to be working with each other – has anyone come across the best way to resolve technical problems with them?



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