[Eril-l] Wiley e-journal proxy access setup - is there anything unique about this vendor config?

Dominic Benson (Staff) Dominic.Benson at brunel.ac.uk
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I have the Wiley stanza above the Anthrosource and Cochrane stanzas. I also use the tips on the recent EZproxy mailing list thread (appended below my sig) except the tip about resolving the PDFs, which was remedied earlier this summer by the addition of HTTPMethod directives to the official Wiley Online Library stanza. I declared a global directive at the top of my config to enable the display of book chapter frames because other platforms may use frames too: HTTPHeader -global -response -block X-Frame-Options

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This reminds me that we had to remove wiley.com from a non-Wiley stanza a few months ago. It was causing our Wiley links to fail.


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Chris, I compared our Wiley stanza with yours and found just a couple of differences.

We have one line commented out in the OCLC Wiley stanza

#HTTPHeader -response -block X-Frame-Options

Instead we have a line towards the top of our config.txt per Dom’s suggestion:

#Added global directive 23/4/2020 replaces Wiley directive (Dom Benson)

HTTPHeader -global -response -block X-Frame-Options

We are also still using a “Find & Replace” directive in the Wiley stanza that we added in April to resolve problems with opening PDFs

Find /doi/pdf/

Replace /doi/pdfdirect/

I was able to download chapters without any obvious problem this morning.



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Does anyone have working stanza for downloading chapters when using Wiley Online Books.

The latest one on the OCLC Database stanza page is not working



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Hello Denise,

If you are unable to get the problem resolved through EZ Proxy and can't get help through Wiley support, try your local Wiley rep. I just encountered this myself; I was redirected to a couple of different support teams at Wiley. After a couple of weeks of back and forth, I ended up emailing our rep directly and he was able to escalate the issue to the correct department.

Good luck,

Tracie Seurer
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Subject: [Eril-l] Wiley e-journal proxy access setup - is there anything unique about this vendor config?

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Our college is trying to set up a Wiley electronic journal title through EZ Proxy and are not having any luck with off-campus access. Has anyone run into similar problems and found a solution?

We are new to Wiley and seem to be working with several different people at Wiley who don’t seem to be working with each other – has anyone come across the best way to resolve technical problems with them?



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