[Eril-l] error message in ASP?

Dominic Benson Dominic.Benson at brunel.ac.uk
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Quick follow up... I noticed that the thumbnails of videos were not loading so I changed the cloudfront directives to

NeverProxy https://d16klsh1z1xre7.cloudfront.net
NeverProxy https://dywyzs4z4lwvw.cloudfront.net

I can still play back video.

Kind regards,

Dom Benson
E-resources Librarian, Library, Information Services
Brunel University London | T +44(0)1895 266143

From: Dominic Benson
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Scott Salzman's suggestion was:

AnonymousURL +*.srt
T Alexander Street Press
U http://search.alexanderstreet.com
H https://search.alexanderstreet.com
DJ alexanderstreet.com<http://alexanderstreet.com>
H cdn.alexanderstreet.com<http://cdn.alexanderstreet.com>
H https://d16klsh1z1xre7.cloudfront.net
Find "http:\/\/
Replace "http://
Find "https:\/\/
Replace "https://
Find domain="*.alexanderstreet.com<http://alexanderstreet.com>"
Replace domain="*"
AnonymousURL -*

I keep one long stanza with the new and legacy hosts merged together. Instead of a host directive for cdn.alexanderstreet.com I configured NeverProxy cdn.alexanderstreet.com and I also added H https://dywyzs4z4lwvw.cloudfront.net - I can search and play back video content with closed captions today.

However, perhaps having this global directive is the key, suggested by Robert Sebek: http://listserv.oclclists.org/scripts/wa.exe?A2=ind1703&L=EZPROXY-L&P=R75702&1=EZPROXY-L&9=A&J=on&X=F7BE9E97354AB3807D&d=No+Match%3BMatch%3BMatches&z=4

HTTPHeader -global -response -block content-security-policy

Kind regards,

Dom Benson
E-resources Librarian, Library, Information Services
Brunel University London | T +44(0)1895 266143

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Subject: [Eril-l] error message in ASP?

Hello collective wisdom,

We are intermittently getting the following error message when searching Alexander Street press:
"An internal server error occurred. Please try again later."

Alexander Street support said they have no known issues.

It shows up on a blank white screen after searching the database and clicking on a link to view a video.

Anyone else have this issue and know how to resolve it? We use EZ Proxy.

Thank you in advance!

Jennifer Hill
Distance Education Librarian/Electronic Resources Manager
Excelsior College Library
c/o JHU Sheridan Libraries/ELP
5801 Smith Ave. McAuley Bldg, Ste. 310
Baltimore, MD 21209
Jennifer.hill at jhu.edu<mailto:Jennifer.hill at jhu.edu>

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