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*Submit a webinar proposal for Core: Leadership, Infrastructure, Futures!*

*Submit your idea using this proposal form*
the spring and summer 2022 Core schedule. You don’t need to be a Core
member to submit a proposal.

Core webinars reach a wide range of library professionals in many different
areas, including…

1. *Access and Equity*

·        Advocacy in areas such as copyright, equity of access, open
access, net neutrality, and privacy

·        Preservation Week

·        Equity, diversity, and inclusion, both within the division and the
profession, as related to Core’s subject areas

2. *Assessment *

·        Emphasizing the role of assessment in demonstrating the impacts of
libraries or library services

·        Assessment tools, methods, guidelines, standards, and policies and

3. *Leadership and Management*

·        Developing leaders at every level

·        Best practices for inclusion by using an equity lens to examine
leadership structures

·        Leadership for talent management and human resources

4. *Metadata and Collections*

·        Best practices and knowledge in work areas that support
collections and discovery

·        Best practices for equity, diversity, and inclusion in the
development and description of collections

·        Standards and best practices for selection, acquisition,
description, access, and preservation of information resources

·        Preservation of both print, media, and digital resources

5. *Buildings and Operations*

·        Changing trends in organizational structures, services, staff
operations, and facilities

·        Best practices for inclusive practices and design

6. *Technology *

·        Best practices for inclusive practices and design

·        Emerging technologies and actionable plans for library services

·        Bridging the technology related needs across all types of
libraries and operational areas

You can view upcoming Core webinars by visiting the Core website.

Presenters will be offered a $150 honorarium for presenting a Core webinar.
Presentations are usually limited to a maximum of 3 presenters.

*We seek and encourage submissions from underrepresented groups such as
women, people of color, the LGBTQ+ community, and people with disabilities*.

If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact
Julie Reese, Core Director of Leadership and Learning at *jreese at ala.org*
<jreese at ala.org>.
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