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And this is a detail that comes up earlier in onboarding, but because my library is located in a hospital, new resources need to go through an IT approval process prior to adoption.  Which is just to say there are all kinds of details to consider when beginning promotion of a new product.


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  We have a communication plan to help guide the resource roll-outs that are relevant to the clinical providers and the health sciences schools. It documents the key contacts & methods within the health sciences schools and Michigan Medicine, so when we have a new resource we can quickly and directly reach out with the information.

 In addition to the typical highlighting on our websites (libguides, announcements, etc), we've employed the following:

  *   Digital screens within the library, schools, and hospitals. We provide the technical requirements to the vendor (including our branding logo) and ask them to create a promotional slide for display.  Depending on the resource itself, we may even get a very brief demo video to add the digital screen.
  *   Announcements in newsletters and email groups. (departmental, campus, centers, etc)
  *   Demos
  *   Informationists are also teaching within courses thus enabling them to directly promote & instruct on new library resources.

  Part of the preparation in rolling out a trial or new resource is strategizing with informationists & identifying :

  *    Who are the potential stakeholders?
  *   Who might recognize its value and help spread the word?
  *   Where might this resource have the most immediate impact?
  *   Current/impending courses, research, initiatives, etc that could directly benefit from this resource?
 From this discussion, we have a guide on where to focus our efforts. We start with the general contacts listed in our plan, but Informationists also have their own network of faculty, clinicians, administrators, etc within their liaison areas that they can reach out to as well.   The messaging may even be different for some groups/people.  Specific content or features may be highlighted to certain prospective users to grab their attention.

  In a quick summary: We're trying to get the general word out about a new resource, but then also doing some additional, focused communication with identified stakeholders. This not only ensures that they're aware of the new resource, but can also be used to highlight why & how this resource could benefit their work.  This sometimes leads to them sharing the word about the resource amongst their campus colleagues.
    The 'additional communication' can take different forms and can be dependent on the intended recipient(s) and their relationship with the relevant Informationist.   It could be an email, a note in a newsletter, a mention in a meeting or workshop, etc.

 Kelly P.
Collections Specialist
Taubman Health Sciences Library

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Thank you Scott!

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Does your campus have a faculty newsletter or a campus news service (print or electronic)? Does your Library have a social media presence - post there? How about a campus newspaper; maybe you can work with a student reporter to start a column in the campus newspaper. Print postcards/flyers to promote. You need to reach out to others because listing something on a webpage, LibGuide, etc., is great but only if folks go to it.

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I'm following this discussion with great interest as this is something I'm exploring as well!


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Hi everyone,

I was wondering if anyone here has any tips, ideas, success stories, starting places, etc. for marketing and promoting electronic resources? I'm trying to find more ways to market and promote electronic resources at my library.

Currently, the main method is an "E-Resource Spotlight" that gets posted monthly and I created an Electronic Resources LibGuide that has information & a blog feed. Outside of that, I'm a little stuck on where to start and there isn't a lot of literature out there about marketing electronic resources. I want to do more than just a highlight on our website and find ways that could engage our users a bit more.

I'm hoping someone here has some feedback on how to "hit the ground running" with this - I don't have a marketing background and it definitely wasn't a huge conversation in my MLIS program. I'm open to any ideas and thoughts.
Thank you!

Erika Boardman

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