[Eril-l] Problem accessing Oxford Journals usage stats

Bob Pearson b.pearson at auckland.ac.nz
Thu Oct 22 14:07:49 PDT 2015

Steve – I have seen that Captcha error too, but only when I was accessing via EZproxy. But since I shouldn’t have to use EZproxy to access usage stats, I haven’t bothered to report that issue at this point. I assume it is a similar issue to what occurs with client IDs for the Google Maps API, where the ezproxied institutional domain is not registered for the ID or site key.

Stephanie – at that URL I can log in ok, but then when I click “View usage stats”, it takes me to https://access.oxfordjournals.org/oup/login/local.do?url=http://reports.oxfordjournals.org/Account/ouplogin/, where I have to log in again, and that is where things fail.

Cat (off list) – I am not using any proxy when I try to access the stats, so proxies are not a factor.

For those who do also have the problem, could you please report it to OUP, even if you have already done so in the past. OUP thinks our institution is the only one with the problem and, while they have investigated, they keep pushing the issue back to us on that basis.


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We are experiencing problems with access as well. I tried using the URL mentioned below and our existing credentials didn’t work, so I tried to reset our password. At the Forgotten Password or Username page, when I used Safari for Mac and input the correct value in “Username or previously registered email address”, I got a message saying “Captcha verification was not successful.” But there was no captcha displayed! I switched to Firefox for Mac and this time, saw where the captcha is supposed to be. However, it says “ERROR: Invalid domain for site key”.

I guess I’ll be submitting a support ticket with them…


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Bob et al,

The only URL I have had luck with is http://services.oxfordjournals.org/my_account/  Is this the one you are using now?

Stephanie Larrison
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