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Hi Nancy,

Do you have a large number of non-credit students? For our migration to OpenAthens, I reviewed our agreements to determine all of the patron groups and what their permissions for our e-resources are. Some agreements did have language that might allow for these types of students that are not counting towards FTE and when I was unsure, I contacted the vendors and asked them. A lot of vendors gave me the okay to have these students access their resources. I am not sure anyone actually said "no" but we also don't have a huge number of these students.

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Hi all,
As a followup to the earlier discussions about Access to electronic resources for non-credit continuing education students, have any libraries tried negotiating access for this sub group on campus? If so, what was the response from vendors and what did they use for pricing? We have been asked to come up with a number for what additional costs this would entail and I am not sure how to go about it without reaching out to all our vendors, which I am hesitant to do.

Since the majority of our licenses are based on FTE and access for students, faculty, and staff, I wonder how this group of non-credit continuing ed students factors into other licensing agreements. Who on campus should decide if these students are within our existing subset of users? Do you consider them students that should have the same level of access? I don't think it makes sense to add them to our FTE numbers.

Has anyone broached this with vendors and what was the outcome? Is it worth pursuing given the work involved to gain legal access for this subgroup?

Thanks for any thoughts/experiences,

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