[Eril-l] Public Performance Rights License for HBO or Amazon Prime?

Steve Oberg steve.oberg at wheaton.edu
Thu Sep 17 16:42:00 PDT 2020


About a year ago, I took on responsibility for copyright for our campus, and have quickly had to get up to speed (still in process) on issues like this. I have not tried to negotiate public performance rights for these situations, a.) because existing licenses for these services are very clear about personal/home use; and b.) our campus legal counsel has been very firm about not pursuing this further. A good example of how difficult this can be is for the movie, Hamilton, that is only available on Disney+. I’ve received three different requests to approve showing of that film for various things on our campus in the past two weeks alone.

It'd be interesting to learn of other approaches that work or don’t work, so thank you for raising the question here. I think this is an area of increasing concern (exclusive rights for personal streaming services).


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A campus organization wants to show a film that is (as far as we can tell) only available on HBO or Amazon Prime. Has anyone negotiated a public performance rights license with either of them? Or know if they have an "academic" viewing policy like Netflix has? We do have the DVD, but not a public performance license for it. I also think that it would be shown via a password protected Zoom session for campus affiliates only.

Thanks for any insight anyone has.


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