[Eril-l] Using Jira for e-resource problem reporting and troubleshooting

Molly K Beisler abeisler at unr.edu
Tue Aug 18 16:09:27 PDT 2020

We're looking at using Jira Service Desk for managing e-resource problem reports and troubleshooting of access problems. Is anyone using Jira for this purpose in their library? If so, would you share a link to your form? Also, do you have any tips about configuration behind the scenes? Is there anything you wish you had done differently when you set it up?

To give some context to this, we're currently using a LibAnswers queue to manage e-resource problem reports; here is our current form<https://guides.library.unr.edu/forms/reportaproblem>. This works relatively well-much better than the group email list we used to use-but it's not the best interface on the back end, especially for searching and tagging. We'd also like to have a wider selection of statuses available to track where we are with a problem, like "reported to vendor" or "reported to IT." We started using Jira this year for handling requests and problem reports for the library webpage this, and it has worked quite well, so we're thinking of expanding our use of it in the library.

I'd appreciate any input you have on using Jira for e-resource management and troubleshooting!

   Molly Beisler
   Interim Director of Technical Services and Head of Discovery Services
   University of Nevada, Reno Libraries

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