[Eril-l] Policy for saying "polite no" to overzealous cold-calling/emailing sales reps, and random LibGuide recommendations?

Jacque Dessino jdessino at tcc.edu
Fri Nov 1 14:04:45 PDT 2019

We have a central information center for the college and that email and phone number are prominently displayed all over the college’s web site. The information center started getting a lot of email and calls from the ‘please add my xxx to your LibGuide’ people, all of which they would forward to me. At first I just ignored them, as I did with any that came to me directly, but it became such an issue that I finally wrote up a statement for the information center to send in reply (or tell caller) that basically says, due to the increase in unsolicited suggestions of this type, we are unable to consider their request. (that’s not the exact wording, but you get the idea). I also started sending this statement to everyone who managed to get to me directly. I just realized I haven’t gotten one of those requests in ages, so I guess it worked. 😊

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Thank you all for the various responses on and off list.

I have had somebody contact my library director because I was ignoring them. This only made my director annoyed with the sales rep (and by extension, their company and product) rather than causing blowback for me. But I’d rather that not happen in the first place.

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