[Eril-l] JoVE usage statistics collection what is your library doing?

Cruse, Cheryl CCruse at ShastaCollege.edu
Wed Mar 14 13:59:25 PDT 2018


If your library subscribes to JoVE streaming video collection how are you collecting the usage data?  It is my understanding that I can only collect this data by contacting the Jove rep for my library.  I have received an Excel sheet that shows each time someone accessed a film: the date of access, title, URL, etc.

I suppose I need to sort the Excel sheet to obtain the data: films viewed and number of times viewed.  Is this what you are doing?  Is there a way to get how many minutes a film was viewed?

We're asking our rep but I thought I would ask here too.

Thank you,

Cheryl Cruse
Technical Services Librarian
Shasta College
ccruse at shastacollege.edu

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