[Eril-l] Annual Reviews and EzProxy trouble

Dominic Benson Dominic.Benson at brunel.ac.uk
Wed Aug 15 14:19:39 PDT 2018

Hi Trisha

Two things are known to cause this type of issue off campus:

  1.  The user has a satellite phone connection which uses a compression/caching feature - the fix is to ask the satellite ISP to switch off the compression setting but it means the connection speed will drop.
  2.  HTTPHeader Accept-Encoding is declared globally somewhere on the config which breaks the display on some databases, for example Bureau van Dijk's FAME. If this directive is required on any stanza it should go below the Title directive now, not above it, see https://www.oclc.org/support/services/ezproxy/documentation/cfg/httpheader.en.html and https://www.oclc.org/support/services/ezproxy/documentation/db/musicfaculties.en.html.

It's most likely to be the second issue.

Kind regards,
Dom Benson
Analytics & Discovery Officer
Library, Information Services, Brunel University London | T +44(0)1895 266143

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Subject: [Eril-l] Annual Reviews and EzProxy trouble

Has anyone else experienced trouble with accessing Annual Reviews through the EzProxy?

On campus works fine for us and I can't seem to figure out why folks going through the EzProxy get this result:

m ��5��^N��M�fA K ��2 GT� �-�lٰ84�)2;{�z�m�. �U�l � HpU(�De�u�_ #&��:(�S! �R���U /�B�� !�> �׆� +U�mT�� !� cEG�J � *���� �w�� Ô&Y�А��� ��.j��� f Jh�� )d��X��˧�_�h"2� /�p!+ a�b����hU:9 ���������;V?� �lEmX mX��Y1SWq� s��T�� �Xȯ N\�@�� 5Q@ �J�혨�!��@�� �> ~��� oa 0 $� ��m�>��X��� etc. etc. etc.

Has anyone else experienced this?
Thank you,


Trisha Burr

Electronic Resources Librarian

DeWitt Wallace Library

651-696-6749 | tburr at macalester.edu<mailto:tburr at macalester.edu>

1600 Grand Avenue

Saint Paul, MN 55105 USA


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