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Theresa Lyman theresa.lyman at bc.edu
Thu Nov 30 04:35:23 PST 2017

Hi Jennifer,  We are having similar issues.  Actually it might 2 issues:

1. A cacheing issue where you try to access Nexis Uni, signin to ezproxy,
and see the Lexis Advance Sign In screen. If you clear the browser's cache
you can usually get in. This happens randomly with different browsers.

2. Random timing out when using Nexis Uni and then not being able to sign
back in or get past the Lexis Advance Sign In screen.

We opened a ticket with LexisNexis Technical support and they tested access
through our ezproxy sign-in.  This is the latest message from Tech Support:

I tested the timeouts via your EZPROXY and directly to www.nexisuni.com.
The normal timeout took about 4 hours. However I believe there is an issue.
As you have experienced when the product times out using the sign in button
once the session has expired seems to be an issue. The sign in button
should not resolve to a Lexis Advance  SIGN ON screen. I would expect it to
go through authentication and land on the Nexis Uni search screen. I am
investigating this with the Nexis Uni product team.

Hope this helps.
Boston College Libraries

On Wed, Nov 29, 2017 at 4:04 PM, Jennifer Hill <jennifer.hill at jhu.edu>

> Hello collective wisdom,
> For those that have migrated to Nexis Uni and use EZ proxy, are you
> experiencing intermittent issues with seeing the Lexis login screen instead
> of being passed to your campus login screen when off campus?  For example,
> I am able to get into Uni fine in one browser, but then when I go to
> firefox and use the same URL, I get a login screen. It is like it is not
> recognizing our proxy prefix and is not routing me to our campus’
> authentication system. But again, this is happening sporadically across all
> different browsers. Now I am wondering if it is a timeout issue?
> I wanted to see if anyone else experienced similar issues and how you
> solved it. I am on the phone with LN support now but they have no ideas.
> Thanks in advance!
> Jennifer
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