[Eril-l] Journal of Clinical Psychiatry - remote access issues

Mitch L Turitz turitz at sfsu.edu
Wed Aug 23 13:49:41 PDT 2017

Also try Serialst


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Mitch L Turitz
turitz at sfsu.edu<mailto:turitz at sfsu.edu>

On Aug 22, 2017, at 6:39 AM, Prefontaine, Susan <sprefont at buffalo.edu<mailto:sprefont at buffalo.edu>> wrote:

Hello everyone:

We have had problems remotely accessing the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry for a long time.

We have had extensive discussions through email and conference calls between our IT/proxy staff and theirs.
We use EZproxy.

We maintain that we have all of the correct stanza/configurations, as per their instructions.

We are at a stalemate as to why we can’t access this journal off campus.

I would like to know if any other institution has had similar issues.

Thank you.

Susan Prefontaine
Coordinator, Continuing Electronic Resources
e-Resources Team
University Libraries
University at Buffalo/SUNY
134 Lockwood Library Building
Buffalo, NY 14260-2210
716-645-5955 fax
sprefont at buffalo.edu<mailto:sprefont at buffalo.edu>

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