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Marcia Thomas mthomas at iwu.edu
Tue Aug 1 08:24:23 PDT 2017

Erin Gallagher and Diane Graves did a presentation at the 2016 Charleston
Conference on supporting open access programs, Rolling the Dice
which inspired us at the Ames Library at Illinois Wesleyan University to
adopt A Statement in Support of Open Access
which includes criteria.

Marcia Thomas
Collections Librarian
Illinois Wesleyan University
Bloomington, Illinois
mthomas at iwu.edu

On Mon, Jul 31, 2017 at 3:03 PM, Steve Oberg <steve.oberg at wheaton.edu>

> Hi Bethany,
> We’ve discussed this issue in my library over the past 3-4 years and as a
> result, I drafted changes to our collection development policy a few years
> ago. The full policy is available at
> https://library.wheaton.edu/sites/default/files/CollectionDe
> velopmentPolicy-WheatonCollege2016.pdf
> I think the whole policy could be improved in many ways and we are working
> on making some changes to it, but there are two parts that touch on what
> you are asking about. In the opening segment (“Purpose of the Library’s
> Collections"), we write: "Library collections fall into three broad
> categories: first and foremost, resources we own; second, resources for
> which we pay to provide access to our users, but we do not own (i.e.
> resources we lease); *and third, highly selective resources that are
> freely available via open access publishing or other means.* Our top
> collections priority is resource ownership whenever possible, as we try to
> build collections that we can maintain and control in perpetuity.” And then
> on pp. 4-5 there are more specifics about freely available resources, and
> this criteria was based on what I’d researched from other libraries.
> As an aside, one of the in-class assignments I give students in the
> graduate courses I teach at Illinois’ iSchool is to break them up into two
> groups and have each group write an outline of a policy for freely
> available resources to present back to the rest of the class. This is done
> within a short amount of time (about 45 minutes) and with no prior warning.
> I always enjoy the result and students, although a little nonplussed at
> first, seem to enjoy and learn a lot from it as well.
> Steve
> Steve Oberg
> Assistant Professor of Library Science
> Group Leader for Resource Description and Digital Initiatives
> Wheaton College (IL)
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> On Jul 31, 2017, at 12:42 PM, Bethany Greene <bethany.d.greene at duke.edu>
> wrote:
> Hello all,
> If applicable, would anyone mind sharing their policy for acquiring,
> managing, and making accessible freely accessible/open access resources? Or
> could you point me in the direction of resources that may come in handy for
> developing this type of policy? I’ve not had much luck finding these
> resources through the course of my own research. Please feel free to reply
> on or off list.
> Thanks,
> Bethany
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> Bethany Greene
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