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I apologize for this sounding dim, but how are OA resources not the same as any other resource, except that you don't have to order and pay for them like a traditional resource?  I mean they follow all the normal rules of deciding on the "appropriateness of the content to your collection", and then go straight to the "making them available" part by adding marc records to your opac and/or activation in your erm system.

When we first started talking about adding oa resources to our profile, we just amended our "collections policy" to include them and moved on.  Do you really need an entirely separate policy?

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Hello all,

If applicable, would anyone mind sharing their policy for acquiring, managing, and making accessible freely accessible/open access resources? Or could you point me in the direction of resources that may come in handy for developing this type of policy? I've not had much luck finding these resources through the course of my own research. Please feel free to reply on or off list.


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