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Do your journal subscriptions actually start in July, or is that when your renewal is processed? In other words, is your renewal due on July 1 for subscriptions that still run January - December?

Most vendors we’ve worked with insist that the subscription runs by volume, which usually starts in January. They might pro-rate the cost of a new subscription to run for the months prior to January, even giving access back to the previous volume start date, but the renewal subscription is pretty consistently January – December, regardless of when you start the subscription, are placing the renewal order, or paying the invoice.

I would LOVE to find out how you convinced vendors to sell you a different time frame!

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My Library undertook something like this over the past year or so. I asked the Acquisitions Librarian if she would like to comment. Her reply is below.


Janetta Paschal
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The first step, to try to standardize the journal start dates, was done before I arrived but I have done this before. We use EBSCO as our subscription agent. Currently, you will have to follow their standard so there isn’t much play in the process.

The second step, mandated by our institution, was to standardized database term dates to align with our fiscal year. We made a deal that we would make every effort to do this but, if a vendor/publisher/consortium had their own standard term dates, we would request a letter or email that would be placed in their folder. As database subscription dates expired, I approached each vendor, asking for the term dates to be prorated for the next cycle to standardize the term dates. I explained the rationale and found almost everyone willing to help us. Those that could not make the change willingly supplied the letter. The tip to doing this is to keep copious notes and a spreadsheet of changes. The only drawback is that there is a massive amount of paperwork to do at one time, when most of our resources come due but it definitely makes budgeting easier.


Jenny Hock
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This may not be the best list for this subject, but it's been such a great, active list with lots of ideas shared, that I'm going to start here.

I wonder if any libraries out there have worked to get all or most of their electronic package renewal dates to come up during the same month of the year, in order to create more predictable accounting, keep the staff schedules the rest of the year for other activities, minimize the number of interruptions from vendors, etc. In other words, work toward prorating or other means in order to get renewal dates changed to concentrate the work of renewals. I ask because our personnel cutbacks and reduced hours have forced us to look for any possible improvement in efficiency; we all have more to do and need to streamline how we do it. I wondered if someone else has done this and if they have tips for proceeding.


Karen Jensen
Collection Development Officer
Rasmuson Library
University of Alaska Fairbanks
kljensen at alaska.edu<mailto:kljensen at alaska.edu>

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