[Eril-l] Using Callisto to test access to electronic resources

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Or you can force the browser session to be proxied on campus
- if you proxy by host just go to https://login.yourezproxy.yourdomaim.edu/auth

and set the option you want - always force proxy, just for the session, or never.
This is good if you don't have fixed IP addresses or if you don't want to play around with IncludeIP and ExcludeIP directives in your config.


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If you are using EZproxy for your off-campus access, you can exclude one or more campus computers from proxying, so that the EZproxy server "sees" those as needing to be proxied.

That's what we do - we set up one computer with a fixed IP address (we use dynamic, otherwise) and then put the appropriate line into the ezproxy.cfg file.

Since this computer is used almost exclusively for testing EZproxy, we use one of the older PCs that IT retires periodically from use in the computer labs.


On Tue, Apr 14, 2015 at 12:51 PM, Neyer, Linda S <lneyer at bloomu.edu<mailto:lneyer at bloomu.edu>> wrote:
We are looking for a better, cost-effective way to monitor access to our electronic resources, both on- and off-campus access. Right now we have a staff person checking our on-campus access, but off-campus access is only tested when problems arise, and we’d like a better system.

I searched through ERIL’s archives and found 2 discussions of how people tested remote access in 2013 and 2010. The top ways seemed to be Tor, or a dial-up account, or a personal smartphone/mobile device. Tor and the personal smartphone options will not work for us; a dial-up account might work (but it would cost money, which is hard to sell right now). If someone has some other good, low cost/no cost option that a staff person could implement, please share.

A colleague at another institution mentioned Callisto (from Sharp Moon, http://sharpmoon.com/callisto/) but had not used it. Anyone on this list have any experience/thoughts about using it?

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