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We have been using both the loading service and in Usage Consolidation we are setting up some publishers using the SUSHI harvesting tool.  We are pretty happy with it.  And, I am quite happy to let them reload when a publisher announces problems.

My only concern has been addressed below and that is the difference between JSTOR current subscriptions, which should be in the publisher cost per use data and the archive, which should not.  Same with Project single title add-ons.  I was told quite a while back that Ebsco was working with JSTOR specifically on this issue, but I haven’t had any updates in a while.  It seems like more of an issue with the providers and how they supply the data than any usage collection tool.


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Hi Mary,

We use the Usage Consolidation Service here at Simmons College.  I love the product and the data we can get out of it, but I also think that the 5 platform loading service is gratuitous.  I am not sure why that is a required part of the business model for this product.  I felt odd about having them load usage from their direct competitors.  So, I selected Ebsco as one of my platforms and then just picked 4 other publishers.  Honestly, it was more inconvenient than a service to me.

The only other concern for me is that the product does not seem to do a good job of picking up on publisher platform statistics when the primary platform is JSTOR, Project Muse, etc.  I had to adjust those stats in my reports manually.  I did open a ticket or two at first to report that the primary publishers platform was wrong, but Ebsco wasn't treating it as a global problem, so I gave up on making 15 or so support tickets.

I have found that if you have a problem loading the stats yourself, then Ebsco will have problems also.  I picked easy reports for them to load that I knew would work.



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We’ve been using EBSCO’s Usage Consolidation for a few years to centralize our usage data.  We’ve just been told that going forward, they are only going to offer this in combination with their usage loading service.  Their standard cost will include configuring and loading five platforms.  That will bump up our costs for the service by a significant percentage and I see no benefit to us.

I’m baffled (and annoyed) by this as a business decision.  We have about 100 platforms, and the majority of them are configured already.  There is enough complexity to gathering, vetting and uploading the statistics that I am concerned about having them handle the more problematic platforms.  I worry about them capturing all the data for titles that change platforms during the year and about things like JSTOR, where the Current Scholarship titles need to be handled differently than the archival data in order to be meaningful.  My experience with trying to gather stats with SUSHI has not been positive and makes me wonder if we would be missing chunks of data if we weren’t monitoring the stats closely ourselves and just trusted EBSCO to handle it.

For those of you who are Usage Consolidation users now, do you already pay for the usage loading service and how well have you found it to work?  Does it really cut down your workload or do you still have to do a lot of troubleshooting?  Do you just pay for five platforms or do you have them handle everything?

Any thoughts or insights would be helpful.


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