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Thank you for compiling the list of responses, Judith!

Has anyone on the list had a chance to take Claire Dygert’s Building Your Licensing & Negotiation Toolbox Workshop<https://cdygertsolutions.com/workshop/>?  I know this workshop was a session at NASIG just this past year. I haven’t taken the workshop, so unfortunately, I’m not sure how comprehensive it is but would be curious to hear what others thought of it.

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Thank you to everyone who has responded so far to my ERIL question. This has brought up a few suggestions and more questions. I am adding a digest of responses at the bottom of this email.

I am looking for an ALL-IN-ONE workshop or course because 1.  I am trying to figure out how to set up a new ERM (from FOLIO) and 2. I am getting more questions about all kinds of different electronic resources and how they can/cannot be used, maintained, etc. My outdated training on licensing does not cover the ever-changing licensing/contract information today. And, I knew more about traditional text based resources, like ejournals and databases, (although I am still trying to figure out ebooks). In any case, it looks like I will have to continue to learn in pieces.

Thanks again,

Here's the summary so far:


Licensing website: E-resource negotiation and licensing resources

ONEAL: Open Negotiation Education for Academic Libraries

Videolib (email list on streaming video)


CORE: Electronic Resources Acquisitions Course: (only some licensing; may not be advanced):

Copyrightlaws.com: Certificate in Licensing Digital Content: (may not be advanced)

Minitex: Spell it out: E-Resource Licensing Lunch ‘n Learn Series (not a course and only ½ hour discussion covering a variety of topics)

NASIG: Conference and pre-conference licensing sessions. (focusing on serials; watch conference program)

MCLS (Midwest Collaborative for Library Services) : Had a licensing workshop in 2023.

The Library Juice Academy: Introduction to Electronic Resource Management in Academic Libraries (may not be advanced)

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I am writing to ask if anyone can recommend a webinar, workshop or class on electronic resources licensing. I have attended licensing workshops/webinars over the last 15 years, but I need to update my information.

I am looking for a more advanced program that allows me to ask questions about complicated (to me) licenses. It would be great if this were targeted toward academic libraries and would include many different kinds of licenses (such as order contracts, click-through, consortial) that cover many different kinds of resources (some examples: journal packages that have access only AND perpetual access titles, streaming media collections, single-title ebooks, etc). This should include domestic and international licenses. I would like to form a better understanding of open access and transformative agreement licenses.

I am willing to consider online library school courses that are open for enrollment for continuing education.

Feel free to respond to me directly off-list.


Judith Nagata  (she/her)
Electronic Resources & Serials Librarian
Dinand Library
College of the Holy Cross
Worcester, MA 01610
p: 508-793-2639
e: jnagata at holycross.edu<mailto:jnagata at holycross.edu>
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