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This study looks closely at how 27 academic libraries are using ChatGPT,
Bard and AI-enabled Bing, as well as other AI applications, in library
acquisitions and licensing.
The study gives precise data on the extent of use of each applications, the
amount of time librarians are spending on each, and pinpoints exactly what
they are using it for.  The report presents data on use for various facet
of contract research and development, for data analysis, and for predicting
library patron materials demand and preferences, among other uses. Survey
respondents also discuss the impact of AI on their personal productivity,
their current uses of the technology, and future plans.

Just a few of this report’s many findings are that:

• Approximately 27% of librarians at research universities in the sample
used AI-enabled Bing in their acquisitions and licensing work.

• 3.7% of the librarians sampled used AI applications for customized
content or materials recommendations.

• Acquisitions and licensing librarians at colleges and universities with
more than 31,000 students were spending 2% of their total work time using
AI applications.

Data in the report is broken out by numerous personal and institutional
variables to enable better benchmarking.

For a table of contents, the questionnaire and an excerpt – view the
product page for this report at: www.PrimaryResearch.com
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