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We’ve made a list of common fixes to try as a first pass:
3. Clear your cache and cookies.
4. Check your proxy settings. [sometimes the user has old settings from a previous university]
5. Try Incognito mode and/or an earlier version of the browser.
6. If you have the extension "HTTPS Everywhere" installed, try disabling it.
7. Zotero has a setting that interferes with access.  Try going to "proxy settings" and unchecking the "enable proxy redirection" box.

Sally Lockwood
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Good morning-

I have a faculty member who is having trouble using library resources remotely, and I have exhausted pretty much everything in my toolkit to resolve the problem. This person consistently gets an error message that says "File missing: docs/suspend.htm" after entering his credentials when trying to access something via a proxied link. This behavior persists across different browsers and devices, and happens regardless of what platform he tries to use. Even more curious, he cannot access any library resources when using the campus VPN. My instinct is that there is some problem with his credentials, but Campus IT insists that nothing is wrong with his account.

Has anyone ever seen this type of problem before and found a solution? Short of sending him back to campus IT, I'm stumped.

Kate Silton
she / her / hers
Electronic Resources Librarian
Z. Smith Reynolds Library, Wake Forest University
336.758.5484 | siltonk at wfu.edu<mailto:siltonk at wfu.edu>

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