[Eril-l] Issue with SSO access to NIH/NCBI

McCarthy, Jennifer Jennifer_McCarthy at URMC.Rochester.edu
Tue Jan 17 06:45:02 PST 2023


Last week we started experiencing a similar issue? I think it's related to our Shibboleth upgrade, or the new NIH DMP policy?

This is what I send out to MedLIB Friday:

Good Afternoon,

For the past two days our PubMed login process has changed, and users are met with a 'create' a new account' screen.

This is happening via 3rd Party SSO, and ORCHID. Have not tried any other login methods.

Users are 'forced' to create a new account then have to contact NLM helpdesk to merge this new account with their original account with saved searches.

If the user never had an NCBI account the SSO works as expected.

Anyone else experiencing this issue?


Jennifer McCarthy
Miner Library
University of Rochester
School of Medicine & Dentistry

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Hi all,

UNF has an access issue for our users who want to sign into NIH/NCBI on our PubMed landing page.

[cid:image001.png at 01D92A56.A4BAF450]

Previously users had to create an account, now it's through SSO only, but not through Open Athens. We've gotten to the stage where UNF ITS is contacting NIH support and asking them to supply security documentation, SOC2, SOC3 IT Security, HECVAT light. NIH support then says we don't do SSO integration, the issue is that you have a metadata issue with InCommon, you just need to fix that. UNF ITS says our set up with InCommon is fine, we don't allow access to 3rd parties through SSO without this documentation, please supply it.

If you click on the UNF listing on the InCommon list of institutions, you get an error. "UNF login- Unsupported request the application you have accessed is not registered for use with this service."

InCommon won't communicate with me in the library, only with their contact in our university ITS.

Could someone who knows how their university/college set this up with InCommon, let me know what's needed, or how your university provides access to NIH/NCBI.

I don't know what attributes/data NIH needs (guessing just registry information), or what metadata is required by InCommon. I suspect NIH has the SSO through InCommon so they won't have to deal with these type of requests for security information, and we only have to deal with InCommon, but I don't know if that's the case.

Any help or guidance is appreciated,

Emily Ray
Electronic Resources Librarian
Thomas G. Carpenter Library
University of North Florida
emily.ray at unf.edu<mailto:emily.ray at unf.edu>

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