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Tue Aug 29 16:17:48 PDT 2023

Hi y’all,

As of last week we have started experiencing errors with *some* proxied resources in Chrome: users will see a 400 bad request message and therefore can’t get to their desired content.

Here’s a catch: if I put the same link in an incognito window in Chrome, it works. Firefox has generally not had any issues, incognito window or not. Clearing the browser cache provides only a temporary solution.

One vendor has told me that they’ve gotten reports of this issue from other libraries and that their developers are working to resolve it. Others haven’t acknowledged that anyone else has mentioned it.

So my questions are these: is anyone else experiencing this problem? And/or does anyone have any thoughts or ideas about what could be causing it?

I’m cross posting this to the EZ Proxy listserv for good measure.

Thanks in advance for your insights.


Sarah Mueth (she/her)
Serials & Electronic Resources Librarian
Randall Library<library.uncw.edu>, UNCW

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