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**Apologies for cross posting**

Our May virtual conference
<https://www.niso.org/events/2022/05/text-and-data-mining> focuses on text
and data mining (TDM) — the automated detection of patterns and extraction
of knowledge from machine-readable content or data. It will provide an
“explainer” for information professionals tasked with supporting
researchers who are just beginning to engage with TDM, and wondering how to
pull the data they need, how it is structured, and how they can expect to
engage with it. Our speakers will cover essential technology, how it is
deployed and used, the scope of support that the library may be asked to
provide, and the spectrum of options for collaboration between information
professionals and content and service providers.

This virtual conference takes place from 12.00 - 4.00pm Eastern Daylight
Time (US/Canada) on Wednesday, May 25. The program includes:


   Vision interview with Petr Knoth, The Open University

   Handling the Basics: Prathik Roy, Springer Nature

   Identifying and Licensing Data Sets: speaker to be confirmed

   Case Study 1 — Carnegie Mellon: Huajin Wang, Carnegie Mellon University

   Case Study 2 — JSTOR Labs: Nathan Kelber, JSTOR Labs

   Case Study 3 — HathiTrust: John Walsh, Hathi Trust Research Center

for Text and Data Mining
<https://www.niso.org/events/2022/05/text-and-data-mining> is now open,
with discounts for NISO members, students, and retirees. Organizational
registration includes unlimited attendees from your organization.

We very much hope you can join us for this virtual conference!

Best wishes

The NISO Team


3600 Clipper Mill Road, Suite 302

Baltimore, MD 21211

Phone: 301.654.2512

E-mail: nisohq at niso.org
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