[Eril-l] State of Texas SB20 Restriction on Employment

Allyson Rodriguez allyer10 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 17 09:46:33 PDT 2022

An employee in our department (Collection Development) is offboarding to
move to a new institution. As part of the offboarding process they were
required to indicate they understand the following statement:

*Notification to exiting employees - I understand that former state
employees involved in procurement or contract negotiation are prohibited
from accepting employment from the companies they negotiated with on behalf
of the former state agency for two years after ending employment. Click
here to see the full State Bill SB20
to Exiting Employees. *

Up to this point, none of us in the department had heard of this
requirement and by only revealing it at the point of offboarding
(potentially after an employee could have accepted a position with a
vendor) it could put employees in a serious bind.

Do other states have similar restrictions?
Are those in Texas (at public institutions) aware of this restriction? If
so, when and how were you told? Are companies aware of this?

Thanks all,
Allyson Rodriguez
UNT Libraries
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