[Eril-l] EZproxy Stanza for New Stylus UI

Jennifer Faist jennifer.faist at artcenter.edu
Tue Aug 2 21:34:30 PDT 2022

Stylus launched a new UI on July 26th, and since then we have not been able to get access to the content from off campus. (They are working on SSO integration, but it was not ready in time for the new UI launch.)

The new starting URL of app.stylus.com is working through the proxy, but if you click on any other links, the screen flashes a few times, and you are dropped out of the proxy (and sent to the authentication page if you are off campus).

We had our IP ranges checked out, and everything seems in order.

This is the stanza we are using based on the new subdomains that Stylus gave us:

Title Stylus
URL http://www.stylus.com
HJ https://www.stylus.com/
HJ app.stylus.com
HJ authentication.stylus.com
HJ web-api.stylus.com
HJ stylus.com
DJ stylus.com
NeverProxy searchapiv2.stylus.com
NeverProxy searchapi.stylus.com

We opened a ticket with OCLC, and they say that Stylus’ links are done in a way that is knocking us out of being proxied. They checked a couple of other hosted EZproxy sites that also have Stylus configured, and it behaves the same with them. It appears to be an issue with their site that is knocking us out of being proxied that seems to happen with any link you click on their site. They told us to contact Stylus.

The Stylus IT person doesn’t really know anything about proxying or EZproxy stanzas. We gave them a test account, and they said they would look into it with their web developer, but we haven’t heard back yet.

Does anyone have a working stanza for the new UI?

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