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Hello all,

Thank you for the many kind words sent to me off list and in reply here about the glossary! The level of interest caught me off guard. Over the last few days, the link has been clicked on almost 1,000 times.

This encourages me a lot to think about ways to improve the whole setup. I meant what I wrote before: your feedback and ideas for improving it and making it more useful are most welcome. I wonder how to make it much more linked-data-able for example, so will explore further.

One scenario I didn’t anticipate is organizations where Google apps might be blocked by IT policy. If you are in that scenario, please email me off list and I’ll be glad to send you a copy of the glossary directly.


On Jul 28, 2022, at 8:23 AM, Steve Oberg <steve.oberg at wheaton.edu> wrote:

 In a conversation thread yesterday about onboarding advice for e-resources librarians, Athena mentioned how helpful it might to have a glossary. There is one I use as both a help and an assignment for students in IS593TSO: Technical Services Functions, a course I teach at the iSchool at Illinois. You can access it at https://librarylink.wheaton.edu/techsvcsglossary. This URL redirects to a shared Google Doc.

It’s a tool to help students in all of the courses I teach, but it is particularly used as an assignment in IS593TSO. Students are expected to contribute two glossary entries. In this way, over several years of teaching the class, the glossary continues to expand.

Previously, this glossary was built-in to Moodle. When the iSchool at Illinois switched over to the Canvas LMS, I had to rethink how to build and maintain the glossary from scratch. I don’t know that the approach I am currently using is the best one for several reasons, but it is what I could come up with quickly, and a side benefit is that it is easier to make publicly available. If I end up switching to some other site/tool, the above URL will be updated to redirect there.

If you have ideas or suggestions or feedback, I’m glad to receive them.


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