[Eril-l] UK Police Warning about use of "an illegal website"

Debbie Wilton debbie at psiregistry.org
Fri Mar 19 03:52:54 PDT 2021

My apologies if you've already seen this.

Police warn students and universities of accessing an illegal website to download published scientific papers | City of London Police<https://www.cityoflondon.police.uk/news/city-of-london/news/2021/march/police-warn-students-and-universities-of-accessing-an-illegal-website-to-download-published-scientific-papers/>

I am sharing this information as I believe this is of major interest to members of this list. This is a significant move from City of London Police and indicates some serious concerns.

"Given the threat posed by Sci-Hub to both the university and its students, IT departments are advised to block the website on their network in order to mitigate the security risk".
Max Bruce, Cyber Protect Officer, City of London Police

To help your IT departments to address this matter this please share details of the PSI block lists which you can download from theIPregistry.org.

Academia must take this matter seriously.

Debbie Wilton
Marketing Manager and Library Liaison


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