[Eril-l] Any success with COUNTER 5 SUSHI for Clarivate/Web of Science?

Lisa Gonzalez lgonzalez at palni.edu
Tue Mar 2 09:42:10 PST 2021

According to the COUNTER website, Clarivate requires an API key for their
SUSHI harvesting:
https://www.projectcounter.org/counter-user/thomson-reuter/. I want to draw
attention to the last step of getting the API key " 6. Further Instructions
will be delivered in order to complete the set up process." We received two
sets of instructions - first more specific SUSHI instructions, where we got
as far as looking as the "eye" icon and not finding the required
information, which was followed by the more generic instructions when we
asked for additional assistance. Has anyone gotten SUSHI to work for
Clarivate/Web of Science, and which SUSHI harvesting platform are you
using? I have not run into any other COUNTER 5 SUSHI vendor that has such
difficulty as far as retrieving the API key.

Specific SUSHI instructions
To retrieve your SUSHI API developer token, please follow these

   - Click Log In to log into your account on the developer portal at
   - Click Applications Link in top banner.
   - Locate your SUSHI application and click the hyperlinked application
   name to navigate to your SUSHI application home page.
   - Locate the SUSHI API under Subscriptions and look for the "eye" icon
   under the Secrets column.
   - Click the "eye" icon to show your token. You can Copy/Paste the token
   into your SUSHI client.

Generic instructions
In order to process the request for the requested Web of Science rest API,
please take a moment to register in the Clarivate Analytics Developer
Portal, using the instructions below:

1 . Go to our Developer Portal (https://developer.clarivate.com/)

2. Register yourself as a user in the Portal. (under “Don’t have an
account? Sign up.) Make sure you use your institutional e-mail address, not
an anonymous e-mail service (Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Yandex, etc.). If you
have a login to the Web of Science already, you should be able to use that

3. Once you sign in, go to “Register and View Your Applications”. You will
need to register the application for which you wish to use data from
Clarivate Analytics. This includes an abbreviation, as well as a full name
for your application. If you are registering your application for the
InCites API, please do not check “This application will use OAuth2.0 Flows
(other than the Client Credentials flow, i.e. using redirects)”.

4. Please also complete the Description field for your application to
describe how you intend to use the API, and what data you are looking to
display. Also, please include the name of your organization in the
description field as well.

5. Once you register your application, you’ll need to select the API you
wish to use. Follow the steps to submit your request and fill out all
required fields.


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