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Jordan Pedersen jordan.pedersen at utoronto.ca
Tue Sep 8 09:21:51 PDT 2020

Hey ERIL-folks!

We're investigating purchasing content from Overdrive to deal with specific e-book requests. I'm curious though to hear what other libraries experience has been in terms of the free marc records that Overdrive provides (https://resources.overdrive.com/library/apps-features/marc-express/), and any recommendations that you might have in terms of maintaining the records.

  1.  Do you find that the records require much manual intervention to clean them up? i.e. do they have the correct material types in the header, adequate title, author, subjects and URL
     *   We're comfortable using marcedit to clean-up records, I just wanted to get a sense for how much we would need to intervene
  2.  Do the URLs often change? If so, does overdrive notify you?
  3.  Do you download the free records after each order, or do you find it easier to manage monthly/quarterly etc.

Thanks in advance!

Jordan Pedersen | Metadata Librarian | Metadata Technologies
University of Toronto Libraries
Robarts Library | 130 St. George St. | Toronto, ON

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