[Eril-l] Publishers automatically turning on SSO - is this a good or bad thing?

Hinchliffe, Lisa W ljanicke at illinois.edu
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Apparently there is new language we need to put in our contracts about not enabling additional authentication mechanisms without approval of the institution?

I've seen this same case discussed on Twitter (or, I hope it's the same or more than one publisher is doing this!). Also concerning: "Not to mention that the InCommon metadata they’re going to just up and use is, in the case of our institution, totally inappropriate for controlling access according to the terms of our license." (https://twitter.com/codyh/status/1243276575539249152)

I'm particularly troubled that you opted-out Vanderbilt and that opt-out was not honored.

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I just received a note from a publisher who automatically turned on federated authentication. We use EZ Proxy and for a variety of reasons, have intentionally not enabled this on publisher sites. What are your thoughts on publishers doing this automatically? I am especially frustrated because they emailed with an offer 2 weeks ago and I purposefully did not respond. Then they emailed again recently requiring an opt-out and I opted out. Turns out, they did it anyway. I believe this is more confusing to users when only a few are setup this way and of course, more things for us to troubleshoot and manage. Campus IT handles SSO for us and they really do not need extra work or complaints right now.


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