[Eril-l] Finding & Loading video file to VoiceThread

Beth Jacoby bjacoby at ycp.edu
Thu Mar 26 15:30:44 PDT 2020

I'm looking for guidance concerning the following question one of our
professors has asked now that we're teaching online for the duration:

"I teach a history class in which I would like to enable students to watch
and comment on (i.e., analyze) a film together. The film is in the public
domain and I need decently HQ version of it that is subtitled because the
original in German. Complicating things a bit is that the film, *Triumph of
the Will*, is a piece of Nazi propaganda and has in the last few years
tended to get flagged on sites like youtube because it is now viewed as an
active threat to democratic society. I can still find a few streaming
versions -- on archive.org,
<https://archive.org/details/TriumphOfTheWillHQ> for
example. But the copy they have is not great quality.
I would like to be able to upload the video to VoiceThread so that students
can comment on certain points on the timeline. Is there any way I can get
hold of a HQ file through the library?"

My questions for the listserv are:
1. Does anyone know where I could get a video file of the above-mentioned
film? (Actually the Internet Archive version is excellent, in my opinion,
for a 1935 movie.)

2. Does anyone have experience with VoiceThread and any advice on loading
video files (i.e., I'm assuming anything loaded would have to be in public
domain or something you created yourself)


Beth Jacoby
Content Development Librarian
Schmidt Library
Library & Technology Services
York College of Pennsylvania
441 Country Club Rd.
York, PA  17403-3651

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