[Eril-l] Free access to publisher databases and a question

Diane Westerfield dwesterfield at coloradocollege.edu
Fri Mar 20 10:01:17 PDT 2020

I am maintaining this imperfectly labeled and organized page of offers of extra and free content that I think our folks might be interested in.

It has links to a couple of long lists that others are maintaining, and a copied box of free / open-access e-books, and our OER guide.

Feel free to use any of this but please note a few of the links have our proxy.

I realized halfway into this I could have done these links as Database A-Z trial assets, but oh well. I did include the expiration dates of these offers where I saw them in the announcements. Since Hein offered such a long time of use, I input that one as a Database A-Z trial.

Diane Westerfield
diane.westerfield at coloradocollege.edu
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