[Eril-l] Student access to Netflix, Amazon, iTunes, Hulu, etc.

McLain, Rachelle rachelle.mclain at montana.edu
Wed Mar 18 18:30:45 PDT 2020

I have been helping a few instructors transition their movies from DVDs in the classroom to finding streaming solutions.  We've had some luck!  I've purchased a couple licenses from Kanopy at their reduced $100/license right now.  Instructors have shared with me that they are in contact with their students asking them what platforms they already subscribe to (netflix, Amazon, iTunes, etc) and tayloring their choice of movies based on what the students already have.  One instructor shared that her small group of students were banding together to watch and save $.

Mainly, just helping instructors find where the movies live online (if they do) and being responsive seems to be very meaningful to them and going a long way right now!

We are also using this as an opportunity to share the movie databases we already subscribe to (Alexander Street Press,and the Kanopy licenses we already purchased mainly) that instructors may not have been aware of, opening up the possibility for them to switch movies if they can.

I look forward to hearing what others are doing right now!

Rachelle M. McLain

Collection Development Librarian

Montana State University, Bozeman



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Dear Colleagues,

Has anyone in a higher ed. institution found a way to help support student access to the laundry list of home video platforms that faculty often want to use in their classes, particularly for content unavailable to institution licensing?  For instance, a BBC series on Netflix.  I am hearing that faculty stream these in their classes from their own personal accounts.  Are your institutions helping students pay for short-term subscriptions to any of these platforms?  Any other creative ideas or is there "the obvious", which has currently escaped me?


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