[Eril-l] Learning from Videos of Real Patients

Wentz, Erin erin.wentz at mcphs.edu
Fri Aug 28 09:02:35 PDT 2020

Hi everyone,

Do you know of any platforms besides ReelDx that provide "videos of patients in real situations in real distress and planning assessment and treatment strategies"? One of our faculty members is trialing ReelDx and contacted my colleague for help with evaluating it. She would like to identify possible competitors.

I know that there are patient simulators and non-video case files, but I am not aware of anything quite like what this person wants. In addition, my familiarity with patient simulators is low. If you have one you really like, please pass that information on too!

Thank you,


Erin Wentz
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Library and Learning Resources
MCPHS University
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erin.wentz at mcphs.edu
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