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Lorraine Estelle sent out this clearly worded description of the Access Type attribute and which reports include/exclude OA_Gold. I hope it helps.

Dear Colleagues

We have received several questions about the COUNTER attribute called Access_Type. This is the attribute which describes the nature of access control that was in place when the content item was accessed, that is to say, how much usage was open access or other freely available content and how much was behind a paywall. The following list of COUNTER Access_Types and their descriptions may be useful to you:

o   Controlled: – This usually means content behind a paywall. However, if can also be content which requires some form of registration before access is made available.

o   OA_Gold: – This means content that is immediately free to read on publication, usually because of a payment called an Article Processing Charge or APC. (See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Article_processing_charge<https://nam02.safelinks.protection.outlook.com/?url=https%3A%2F%2Fen.wikipedia.org%2Fwiki%2FArticle_processing_charge&data=02%7C01%7Cathena%40ucf.edu%7C877dd3b24d8f4fd5203108d6cf29e16d%7Cbb932f15ef3842ba91fcf3c59d5dd1f1%7C0%7C0%7C636924176140559089&sdata=VTqqFYSd3gj7aRQbGUjilTnxEoDHhkdrf6F7Iqcl2Ho%3D&reserved=0>)

o   Other_Free_to_Read: – This is content which is open to everyone for a period or permanently, but which not OA-Gold. It only applies to repositories.

o   OA_Delayed: – This means content which was one behind a paywall, but which has now become openly accessible after and embargo period. It is not currently implemented in Release 5 but is reserved for future use.
Please note that The Standard Views, TR_B1 (books) and TR_J1 (journals) exclude OA_Gold usage. But the Title Master Reports and TR_J3 and TR_B3 reports show usage by access type for OA_Gold vs Controlled usage.

Please do let us know if you have any further questions on this subject or any other R5 topics.

Kind regards


Athena Hoeppner
Discovery Services Librarian
University of Central Florida, Orlando
407-823-5049 | athena at ucf.edu

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There are master reports and standard reports. The TR_J* reports do not include the GOA, but the TR master report does, and you should find for every compliant vendor that you can request the TR report filtered by "access type" to only include the GOA data.
Here's a screenshot of part of the dialogue for requesting a TR report from Elsevier, as an example, with that option selected (as well as unique item requests, which you would likely also want to select for this purpose)
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On Thu, May 2, 2019 at 1:04 PM Tom Francis [tbf] <tbf at aber.ac.uk<mailto:tbf at aber.ac.uk>> wrote:
Hi Sarah,

Thanks for sharing the link to the presentation, I found it very helpful. One thing I’m a little concerned about, now I have a better grasp of what all the R5 reports do (late to the party, I know) is that they all seem to exclude GOA usage. That’s great for working out the cost per download - but I’d still like to know if OA content is being used. E.g., running the R4 JR1 reports with and without GOA usage recently has demonstrated that over 30% of the downloads from one publisher last year was for OA content. This is a stick I will use to attack them with come renewal season when they present me with the usual x% price increase; I can say “hang about, you should knock a third off because a third of our downloads from you has been for stuff that’s free.” It won’t work, but I’ll give it a go anyway…

Is there a R5 that will tell us GOA usage?



Tom Francis

Arweinydd Tîm Caffael Adnoddau
Llyfrgell Hugh Owen
Prifysgol Aberystwyth
SY23 3DZ

Resources Acquisition Team Leader
Hugh Owen Library
Aberystwyth University
SY23 3DZ

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I haven’t read it in its entirety yet but this looks like it could help answer your question: https://www.projectcounter.org/using-release-5-usage-reports-for-strategic-decision-making/<https://nam02.safelinks.protection.outlook.com/?url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.projectcounter.org%2Fusing-release-5-usage-reports-for-strategic-decision-making%2F&data=02%7C01%7Cathena%40ucf.edu%7C877dd3b24d8f4fd5203108d6cf29e16d%7Cbb932f15ef3842ba91fcf3c59d5dd1f1%7C0%7C0%7C636924176140569098&sdata=Ml4Gg%2BgDSNHUvVcqYHLWXuo%2FPEOWDH4Vy23Da%2BSLZZc%3D&reserved=0>

On Apr 29, 2019, at 4:51 PM, Kness, Kelsey <KKness at twu.edu<mailto:KKness at twu.edu>> wrote:
Good afternoon all,
I am wondering what COUNTER R5 metric has been chosen as “the one” to compute cost per use? Then also, if “the one” is n/a, what’s the second option?
Thank you,
Electronic Resources Librarian
Collection Management & Resource Services (CMRS)
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