[Eril-l] WMS Discovery and Kanopy

Alice Pearman alcts.alice at gmail.com
Thu May 2 07:10:33 PDT 2019

Good morning ERIL-L,

Forgive me if this isn't quite the right place to ask this question; I
wasn't sure where else to ask.

Our library subscribes to Kanopy and uses WMS Discovery. The librarian who
manages WMS turned on Kanopy in the Knowledgebase when we started using
Kanopy more than a year ago.

It doesn't appear the title list in the Knowledgebase has kept up with the
title list in Kanopy. The Knowledgebase list displays 21,044 titles, but I
know there are probably 32,000 or so in all of Kanopy right now.

We know there's usually a lag between a database content and the
Knowledgebase knowing about it, but this seems to be more than a lag. Any
thoughts from the collective? Right now I'm kind of relieved it hasn't kept
up, considering how our Kanopy usage has skyrocketed, but I am curious
about this.

Alice Pearman
Assistant Professor | Digital Projects Librarian
Lamson Library, Plymouth State University
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