[Eril-l] open source software for hosting ejournals with ip authentication

Melissa Belvadi mbelvadi at upei.ca
Thu May 2 05:26:34 PDT 2019

It depends on how important the most sophisticated access is for you for
this content.
Can you live with just having links to the journal and expecting patrons to
"drill down" to find their article?
Or do you require full openurl article-level linking capability?
At minimum, you probably have a proxy-protected electronic reserves system
already in which you could put this content and some kind of links or at
least notes in whatever system tells patrons what journals you have, to
direct them to it.
We have a few resources in which we just get the entire-issue PDFs directly
from the publisher and that's basically what we do with them.

But I haven't before seen a case where a journal changes owner and neither
the old nor new owner has responsibility for providing perpetual access to
the backfile.
Maybe someone has lawyers that could look at whether either GSW or the new
owner has a legal liability for this, but  I strongly suspect the contracts
we've all signed have a nice little clause that gives them the option to
just dump the PDFs on us like this.
Frankly I'd rather have this problem than what some other publishers do,
which is give themselves the right to charge us exorbitant "hosting fees"
and we have no right to self host instead.

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On Mon, Apr 29, 2019 at 3:31 PM Trisha Burr <tburr at macalester.edu> wrote:

> I just received this notice from GeoScienceWorld also and have absolutely
> no idea what to do with this content.
> Does this happen often? I feel like GSW should be tasked with finding a
> better solution.
> If anyone figures out what to do with this content, I'd love to know!
> Thanks,
> Trisha
> On Mon, Apr 29, 2019 at 9:53 AM Melissa Belvadi <mbelvadi at upei.ca> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Does anyone know of any open source software that can provide the
>> following hosting services for PDF content?
>> 1. Provide IP authentication for multiple customers, with different lists
>> of which content they are entitled to
>> 2. Provide some kind of usage reporting, preferably COUNTER compliant or
>> at least similar
>> 3. Provide some kind of persistent linking, ideally openurl compliant but
>> doesn't have to be
>> The context is that GeoScienceWorld has just told all of our consortial
>> subscribers that they are unable to host certain journal backfile anymore,
>> and is giving it to the institutions as PDFs. Many of our smaller members
>> have no idea what to do with this pile of PDFs and we're looking at whether
>> one of the techier univs in our consortium could take on hosting it for the
>> entire group.
>> Different members have different ranges of entitlement years on the
>> titles.
>> We wouldn't need a search platform, as we'd all just be making links to
>> the "full text" from various other places.
>> Our immediate need is journals, but it would be great if it could handle
>> ebooks too.
>> This isn't a Portico/LOCKSS dark-to-light situation, because the content
>> is still owned and locked up by another publisher, but it's just the GSW
>> customers who have the problem.
>> Thanks!
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