[Eril-l] weeding perpetually purchased ebooks?

Emily Judith Ray ejray at ualr.edu
Mon Mar 19 12:04:41 PDT 2018

Hi Melissa,

This doesn't answer your question, but if the patron goes to the publisher
platform, wouldn't they see the most recent edition as well, and be more
likely to use the more recent addition?

Ad hoc, I've been asked to do this by subject liaisons, suppress the record
for the older edition in the catalog and discovery layer, to make it more
likely the student would find the newer record, knowing it wasn't
completely removing the older book in all places.


On Mon, Mar 19, 2018 at 1:19 PM, Melissa Belvadi <mbelvadi at upei.ca> wrote:

> I thought it would be many more years before we had to face this question,
> but no, it's here now...
> We purchased a 2012 medical-related handbook as an ebook, full perpetual
> access rights, not even a hosting fee.
> Now there's a 2018 newer edition which we are going to purchase.
> The question has come up as to what we do about the old one?
> 1. do we completely delete the catalogue record or just hide it from the
> public (which we can do)? Up to now, our catalogue records have been our
> primary method of tracking ownership of individually purchased ebooks, so
> deleting it totally would mean either effectively erasing our institutional
> memory of owning it, like throwing the print edition away
> ("de-accessioning" we would call it in the print world), or else setting up
> some other mechanism for tracking such books, but not sure why we would
> need to
> 2. if we're prepared to fully "de-accession" it like we would the print
> equivalent, how do we get the publisher/platform to also delete it from
> their list of our entitlements, so patrons searching directly on their
> platform don't accidentally find it?
> Has anyone actually tried to do this with a platform yet? Do the vendors
> comply?
> I'm assuming the vendor does not have a mechanism in their patron "admin"
> services to allow us to suppress/hide it - as far as I can see, most don't
> have that ability.
> Those of you who have already faced this issue - what are you doing
> regarding what faces the public and your own recordkeeping?
> Thanks!
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