[Eril-l] Cabell's Usage Statistics Issues

Timothy Streasick streatim at umich.edu
Fri Dec 14 07:48:24 PST 2018

Greetings All!

I noticed today that the Cabell's Whitelist and Blacklist Usage Statistics
pages appeared to be spitting out random numbers for our university,
depending on how and when the page loaded. I wanted to check and see if
other colleges/universities were also having this trouble because Cabells
said that only one other university reported this as an issue. I also
thought everyone should know that they may want to doublecheck their
Cabells usage stats if they get them from the admin profile instead of some
other source.

To replicate and test this: we've loaded the Usage Stats page, then clicked
to a different tab (such as "Profile" or "Subscription"), then clicked back
into the Stats tab (either by clicking Stats or the "Usage Stats" option
under the profile button on the top right). This has usually been enough to
reload the usage stats page and give us a different number. Occasionally it
will bring back the same number, but that's been the exception rather than
the rule for us.

All the best, everyone!
- Tim Streasick

*Tim Streasick*
*Electronic Access Associate*
*JASS and (Interim) History Selector*
Mardigian Library
Ph: 313-593-5567
streatim at umich.edu
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