[Eril-l] Projects needed for Students in INFO250 Design and Implementation of Instructional Strategies for Information Professionals.

Diane K. Kovacs diane at kovacs.com
Fri Dec 14 07:37:26 PST 2018

Dear Colleagues,

Thank you all for your good projects and participation in my courses 
over the past two decades.

I teach INFO250 Design and Implementation of Instructional Strategies 
for Information Professionals for San Jose State University, School of 
Information (SJSU iSchool).

Beginning with the Spring 2019 semester (January 24 - May 13, 2019), I'm 
offering students the option to work with a 'client' to design a unit of 
instruction (workshop, tutorial, short course, etc.) for online or 
face-to-face.  In the past students have decided on their own units of 
instruction for their instructional design projects, and many will still 
do that.  Beginning this spring I'd like them to consider designing a 
unit of instruction for a non-profit organization, preferably a special, 
academic, school, or public library, or library organization, but other 
organizations or even for profit small business sites are welcomed.

My students are all working through an online Masters' Degree program. 
Some of them have extensive instruction experience and some are complete 

If your unit of instruction/instructional design project is chosen, my 
students will provide you with a completed instructional design plan, a 
screencast introducing the instructional design plan, and at least one 
example instructional material.  You may choose to make use of their 
work in future as you choose.

I cannot guarantee that any of my students will choose your projects. 
Also, it is possible we could take on some larger scale projects, the 
students may form teams to work on them.

Students may also choose the library they currently work in or a 
non-profit organization known to them to work with. So, if you would 
like to be on the list of projects for my students to consider please 
email me with the following information:

What I need from you:

1. Contact person(s) with email and telephone numbers
Contact person shouldbe the 'client' that students are expected to 
interview and interact with cooperatively to develop an initial needs 
assessment and user identification and then work through our formal 
instructional design plan*. Then design and deliver an instructional 
design plan, introductory screencast, and example instructional material 
to the contact person.

2. Brief description of what kind and topic of instruction you're 
interested in working on.

4. A commitment by the contact person(s) to be available by email or 
other form of online messaging, during the Spring and/or Summer 2019 and 
possibly Fall 2019 semesters to work with my students. Availability of a 
contact person is critical.

I will respond to you with additional questions and/or whether your 
project fits our scope in terms of time and expertise of students and 
verify you want to be on the list.

Thank you!

*Our formal instructional design strategy:
Step 1. Needs Assessment and Instructional Goals
Step 2. Instructional Analysis (aka Task Analysis)
Step 3. Entry Behavior and Learner Characteristics
Step 4. Learning Outcomes
Step 5. Planning Instructional Strategies
Step 6. Choosing Teaching and Learning Tools and Planning Instructional 
Step 7. Formative and Summative Evaluation

A Web-based Teacher - Kovacs Consulting: Internet and Web Training - 
Teacher-Led Web-based Continuing Education and Professional Training for 
Librarians and Other Information Professionals

*Diane K. Kovacs* - Librarian at Large and Web Teacher - 
<https://www.kovacs.com/dianevitae.html>Adjunct Instructor, SJSU iSchool 
- http://ischoolapps.sjsu.edu/facultypages/view.php?fac=kovacsd
Visiting Lecturer, UIUC iSchool - 
email: diane at kovacs.com
hangouts: diane.kovacs at gmail.com

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