[Eril-l] Field of study for ERM connectivity/accessibility

Carissa Hernandez serialscreed at gmail.com
Tue Aug 28 11:58:10 PDT 2018

Hello Electronic Resource Librarians!

My current role has me doing electronic resource management. I have found
this experience challenging and I am doing the work of 'learning on the
job'. Somewhat for my own amusement, I began keeping a list of words or
concepts or phrases that I have encountered in my work, with the thought
that it would nicely summarize the things that this job encounters and
therefore requires knowledge of. I wonder if anyone would look at my list
below and from the things thereupon, can you tell what degree or
certificate or study program a person has to have done in order to know
about all these things?  I'm hoping to succinctly identify what field of
study this all belongs to. I'd like to know what program would have a
learning outcome of knowing about all this. I've looked at computer science
programs, but that doesn't seem to fit just right.
So, here's my list. What discipline does this all belong to? Just curious!
Sincerely, Carissa
serialscreed at gmail.com

TLS protocol

Cipher suite

Encryption ciphers

Security certificate

SSL certificate


OpenSSL install

RedHat5.11-Redhat 6+


Handshake failure

SSL routine

Misconfiguration / mismatch

SSL certificate mismatch error

SSL_host_replace rewrite

Library’s security certificate and vendor’s security certificate

DNS servers

DNS issue on your side

Resolving from your server and from remote DNS servers

Wildcard DNS

Local DNS not configured properly

Local DNS should resolve like this….

Broadcasting IP


Nslookup commands

Non-authoritative answer

Canonical name

IP blocked or filtered by internal firewall or network



Does Vendor have IP addresses AND is recognizing us as a subscriber?


“Firewall that may be changing incoming traffic to an IP range not listed
within our subscription ranges”

http vs https

“Your connection is not private” message ; Privacy error ;

Proxy Syntax 0-  and “-“ vs. “.”  As in
https://0-search.ebscohost.com.libraryname.edu vs

"Domain in conjunction with proxy syntax, appearing after resource

Host name

Network administrators

IP address

Proxy server

Network security
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