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We just had a situation this summer with a one day purchase of over $10,000 worth of titles from our EBSCO DDA pool, all but a couple from Elsevier, but in widely differing subject areas.  It seemed very odd, not the normal pattern of our past purchases at all.  And we’ve been using EBSCO DDA for many years now.

That’s pretty much my whole summer budget for DDA since we have a very small summer school program, only two or three hundred students.  With such a small enrollment, $10,000 would normally last us through both summer sessions, so I had to close the DDA program for the rest of the summer.  I just reopened the DDA for fall, so we’ll see what happens now that the full student body is back.  If it happens again, we’ll have to rethink EBSCO DDA.

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We had a similar situation last summer, with three 1-2 day flurries of purchases totaling close to $11K and shut down the DDA. A number of the triggered titles didn't appear to be in subject areas that would normally be in our pool, though we didn't have a way to confirm whether they were actually in our pool or not. The other odd thing was that shortly afterward we noticed that clicking links to some Ebsco ebooks (can't remember if it was just the triggered titles or others as well) took us to the authentication page for a nearby large state university rather than to our own. The linking issue was fixed but I never got a good explanation of what the issue was. They verified all purchases came from within our IP range but I still feel that the two issues were connected even if Ebsco didn't acknowledge it. It took several months of working with our account rep, but in the end we were credited for about 65% of the purchases. The other 35% of the titles saw subsequent usage after triggering so this was a compromise we were willing to make. We still have access to all triggered titles (even the credited ones) which made the compromise a little more palatable.

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Not here. Have you looked at the particular books ordered and see if
there's an obvious subject pattern, maybe a particular researcher suddenly
very active?

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> Has anyone experienced weird activity in their EBSCO DDA account
> recently?  We had $2400 spent in two days on Aug. 1-2. I left the budget
> unfilled and the account suspended until my boss was back from vacation,
> but asked if EBSCO could verify where the sudden activity came from. I
> didn?t hear back from them.  I just replenished the account with a $3000
> deposit, and I haven?t heard that that order has been applied yet, but I
> did get two messages this afternoon ? one that my balance was $445, and one
> that it was suspended (again???)
> Anyone else see unusual activity?
> Cindy Harper
> Vts.edu
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