[Eril-l] FW: What is the significance of RefWorks moving to Ex Libris?

Platkowski, Melissa platkowm at uwgb.edu
Wed Nov 1 06:22:13 PDT 2017

I would say, yes, they are still acting separately in many ways.  When I have a support issue with Proquest, I submit it through Proquest’s support in the databases.  I’m anticipating Proquest’s support will improve through their relationship with Ex Libris.  We don’t have other PQ products besides databases, but I believe support for things other than research databases is being run through Ex Libris’s support ticketing system with Proquest’s techies now.  We have been an Ex Libris library (Voyager, SFX, Metalib, and now Primo and Alma) for longer than I have been here (I was the campus lead on part of our Primo and all of our Alma implementations), and as the systems librarian, I am the main contact between Ex Libris and our library.  I was also in a support role in my previous position as the E-Resources Management librarian, so I have been working with them since 2009.  I have been pleased with the improvements to Ex Libris support over the years.  They have come a very long way.

Ex Libris is using Salesforce to manage their support tickets, and I think it’s an excellent platform.  Another thing I like about Ex Libris is they have a strong drive to improve.  When we complain about something not working, we feel heard.  It might take a while to fix it sometimes (not always), but at least we feel they are taking our ideas into consideration.  Like any company, they have their flaws, but they really do seem to care about fixing them, and they care about how their users are interacting with their systems.  Staff in our consortium were very heavily involved with testing the new Alma interface, for example.  One staff member even got to go with a group to their headquarters in Jerusalem for some intensive testing.  They have a nice system where anyone in a customer library can propose ideas and vote on them, in a more informal process than the support-ticket “enhancement request”.  I like that approach, too, and they have used many of the ideas submitted.

If Refworks’ support is one of their strengths, I think that will be carried through, and maybe they will teach PQ a thing or two.  ☺  I haven’t really seen much of Proquest’s “stamp” on Ex Libris, so far.  I don’t think you need to worry.

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Hi, all. We are a RefWorks customer and a Proquest database and ebook  customer but have not had any business with any of the Ex Libris product family. All I know is that Ex Libris is also owned by Proquest.
So I'm not sure how to take the announcement we got this morning.

Do any of you have any ideas of what this will mean?

Has Ex Libris customer support and invoicing remained very separate from the rest of Proquest? If so, do you Ex Libris customers think this portends improvements in those services for RefWorks?

I've always thought that RefWorks tech support was excellent, far better than the rest of Proquest, and am a bit concerned about that aspect.


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