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Greetings colleagues,

I saw a few message on stat analysis tools and wanted to contribute an
option, despite it being current employer! The company I work for is called
RedLink, an analytics company specializing in helping both libraries and
academic publishers use data to make better decisions. For libraries, RedLink's
Library Dashboard <http://l.gbtrck.com/79aabf89-2b57-4712-98ce-04e4986bdede>
provides a complete overview of journal, e-Book, and database usage and
turnaway statistics to help with decision-making and budgeting, helping
determine cost-per-article and facilitating publisher and product-level
usage analysis with data visualization tools. The overarching goal of the
dashboard is to eliminate manual harvesting of usage and analysis in excel,
really leveraging technology to do that. We have a growing set of happy library
clients <https://www.redlink.com/customers/> too!

If anyone is interested in learning more, please just email me!


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The problem with going to any other tool besides Excel is getting others to
go along.  If the processes are centralized and few individuals involved,
then going with another tool could prove more successful than otherwise.
Adding to the difficulty is the differing structures and underlying
infrastructure of the various sources of data.  Excel does prove to be the
most versatile tool to form a central hub.  But there other tools that may
be better, especially for online ingesting and processing of data.

I'm also interested in others' responses.

Karen R. Harker
Collection Assessment Librarian

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We are in the process of implementing a statistics dashboard here at our
library. We're in the initial stages and wanted to reach out to other
institutions to see what has worked. We've seen some really great
dashboards just searching web!  Specifically we're curious to know what
types of programs or tools (i.e. Google Analytics) others have used for
compiling statistics like gate count, reference interactions, etc.. We're
experts at spreadsheets ;-), but figure there must other methods out there.
Those of you with dashboards (or even those of you just in the business of
gathering statistics), please let me know what is working for you!

Thank you,

Whitney Bates-G?mez
Electronic Resources Librarian
Medical Library

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
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