[Eril-l] Call for Book Chapter Proposals (Collaborations in Acquisitions)

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Wed Jan 18 06:32:19 PST 2017

Hi all,

There is still time to submit book chapter proposals for the following,
forthcoming publication:

Title: Collaborations in Acquisitions: Consortial and
Cross-Functional Acquisitions

Publisher: Purdue University Press

Proposal submission deadline: February 15, 2017

The book will explore ways in which libraries can reach new levels
of service, quality, and efficiency while minimizing cost by collaborating
in acquisitions, either in a consortium, or by collaborating to support
other library functions. The book seeks to provide different options
for effectiveness for optimizing staff and resources to reach goals
by presenting case studies and useful analysis of benefits and challenges
of various collaborations.

The editors of this forthcoming book currently are seeking proposals
from interested authors for chapter sections and chapters that may include
case studies, research, essays, or other writings about collaborations
or innovations in library and library consortial acquisitions. We wish
to compile an interesting and diverse collection of chapters
highlighting approaches to acquisitions that involve collaborations among
library departments and multi-library partnerships, for both traditional
and non-traditional library collections. Each chapter will explain the
context or conditions of the approach, describe the particular
collaboration or innovation and contrast it with existing or widespread
library practices, and consider the effects of such activities on the
processes, products, or services offered by libraries. Each chapter will
present to readers both an explanation of an approach to library
acquisitions, observed or likely
impacts of the innovation or collaboration, and the author(s)’ thoughts
on how these approaches might be sustained and transferred or replicated
in other libraries and library consortia.

We currently have set the following broad outline for major sections of
the book. Proposals are welcome in any of these areas, or in other
categories related to library and library consortial acquisitions. *Proposals
are especially welcome for Chapter 9: Acquisitions and Electronic Resources*

Part 1

Introduction to Consortial Acquistions

Chapter 1: Buyers Clubs

Chapter 2: Consortial PDA

Chapter 3: Shared Systems and Services

Chapter 4: Shared Expertise and Training

Part 2

Introduction to Cross-Functional Collaborations

Introduction to Cross-Functional Collaborations

Chapter 5: Acquisitions and Collection Management

Chapter 6: Acquisitions and Cataloging

Chapter 7: Acquisitions and Interlibrary Loan

Chapter 8: Acquisitions and the Digital Repository

*Chapter 9: Acquisitions and Electronic Resources*

Part 3

Introduction to Fundamentals of Collaboration

Chapter 10: Leadership and Environment

Chapter 11: Personal Responsibility and Attitude

Chapter 12: Skills and Expertise

We anticipate that completed chapters will each be approximately
15-25 pages in length and include the perspectives of several authors to
provide a broad and well rounded view of the topic.

Instructions for Proposal Authors

Proposals should be submitted via email as a PDF or Microsoft Word
file attachment, and should include:

   -    Author name(s)
   -    Institutional affiliation(s) and position title(s)
   -    Author(s)’ previous writing and publishing history, if any
   -    Proposed chapter or chapter section title
   -    Summary of the proposed chapter or chapter section (250-500 words)

Authors of selected proposals will be notified shortly after their
submission.  Full chapters or chapter sections are expected by August 1,
2017 (1,500-6,500 words). Proposed chapters and chapter sections should be
unique to this publication – no materials that were previously published or
simultaneously submitted to another publication.

Proposals should be emailed to the editor: Michelle Flinchbaugh,
flinchba at umbc.edu

Michelle Flinchbaugh
Acquisitions and Digital Scholarship Services Librarian
University of Maryland, Baltimore County Library



Erica Owusu
Acquisitions & Licensing Coordinator
USMAI Library Consortium
owusu.infoprof at gmail.com
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