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Standards-related programming
ALA Midwinter Boston, January 20-24, 2017
Compiled by ALCTS Standards Committee

As part of its charge to support and promote work within ALCTS related to standards, the ALCTS Standards Committee is pleased to present this compilation of standards-related programs at ALA Midwinter 2017.

We are trying to distribute this list as widely as possible, so apologies for any duplication and please re-distribute as appropriate. If you find this useful or if you have suggestions regarding communications like this for future ALA meetings, please contact the current chair of the Standards Committee with your feedback at krash at umass.edu<mailto:krash at umass.edu>

Friday, January 20

Descriptive Cataloging for Rare Materials Task Force (Bibliographic Standards Committee Meeting) (ACRL RBMS)

Description:  Under the aegis of the RBMS Bibliographic Standards Committee (BSC) and reporting to the BSC Chair, the task force has been charged with creating an initial version of a consolidated Descriptive Cataloging for Rare Materials (DCRM) standard based on RDA (Resource Description and Access), building on the terminology, structure, and examples in RDA, and where appropriate, enlarging the scope of DCRM to include resources not covered in the present suite of DCRM manuals.

Where:  Westin, Chastain D
When:  8:30 AM-4:00 PM
Link:  https://www.eventscribe.com//2017/ALA-Midwinter/fsPopup.asp?Mode=presInfo&PresentationID=232059<https://www.eventscribe.com/2017/ALA-Midwinter/fsPopup.asp?Mode=presInfo&PresentationID=232059>

Saturday, January 21

Linked Library Data Interest Group (ALCTS LITA): Linked Data for Real
Description:  Please join us for three exciting presentations describing the use of linked data in current library projects: Linked metadata for 3D-models: From Dublin Core to Europeana Data Model (Xiying Mi and Bonita Pollock, University of South Florida Libraries); A Linked Data Metadata Scheme for Clothing Collections (Maura Valentino, Oregon State University); and Collaborative Linked Data Project for BIBFRAME 2.0 for Library Information Spotlight (Amanda Xu, University of Iowa Libraries). After our speaker presentations, the group will have an opportunity for questions and discussion.
Where:  GWCC, Room B207
When:  January 21, 8:30-10:00AM
Link:  https://www.eventscribe.com//2017/ALA-Midwinter/fsPopup.asp?Mode=presInfo&PresentationID=232179<https://www.eventscribe.com/2017/ALA-Midwinter/fsPopup.asp?Mode=presInfo&PresentationID=232179>

Standards Committee (ALCTS CRS)
Description:  The ALCTS CRS Standards Committee invites you to attend a Midwinter forum discussing the latest developments in standards for continuing resources. Jennifer Bazeley will discuss the Transfer Code of Practice, which is designed to help publishers ensure that journal content remains easily accessible by librarians and readers when there is a transfer between parties.  She will also inform attendees about the activities and collaborations of the Transfer working group and provide information on how librarians can integrate Transfer into their journal transfer workflows. Noah Levin will provide an overview of KBART, a set of guidelines for knowledge base metadata.  He will also discuss publishers' role in providing this information and how it integrates with discovery services to identify a library's holdings.
Where:  GWCC, Room B203
When:  January 21, 10:30-11:30AM
Link:  https://www.eventscribe.com/2017/ALA-Midwinter/fsPopup.asp?Mode=presInfo&PresentationID=232204

Cataloging Norms Interest Group (ALCTS CaMMS)
Description:  This year's theme is "Best Practices for Digital Repositories," featuring six speakers who will bring two regular talks and four short talks.  Regular talks:  Minnesota Digital Library's Geospatial Metadata Work (Greta Bahnemann, University of Minnesota Libraries); and A Lightweight Structured Data Implementation Using JSON-LD and Schema.org for Digital Repository (Lucas Mak, Lisa Lorenzo, & Nicole Smeltekop, Michigan State University Libraries). Short talks:  Metadata Migration Managed: Fixing Metadata That Was Up to No Good (Jeremy Myntti and Anna Neatrour, University of Utah); XML MARCs the Spot: Mapping Multiple Metadata Standards for Consolidated Use in An Institutional Repository (Jennifer Fagan-Fry and Sarah Davis, LAC Group at NOAA Affiliate); Mapping a Digital Repository to Linked Data (Maura Valentino, Oregon State University); and Getting Started with DOIs in the Institutional Repository (Jeffrey M. Mortimore, Georgia Southern University & Ashley D. Lowery, East Tennessee State University).
Where:  GWCC, Room A312
When:  January 21, 10:30-11:30AM
Link:  https://www.eventscribe.com/2017/ALA-Midwinter/fsPopup.asp?Mode=presInfo&PresentationID=232167

OCLC Linked Data Roundtable: Stories from the Front
Description:  Join the conversation as OCLC's Roy Tennant hosts a panel of experts sharing their current activities and recent experiences with linked data. Hear updates on OCLC's initiatives from Nannette Naught, Director, Metadata Frameworks on OCLC's initiatives, an LC update on BIBFRAME, and more.
Where:  GWCC, Room B215
When:  January 21, 10:30-11:30AM
Link:  https://www.eventscribe.com/2017/ALA-Midwinter/fsPopup.asp?Mode=presInfo&PresentationID=232660

NISO Annual Standards Update Meeting
Description:  The NISO Update provides the latest news about NISO's current efforts, including standards, recommended practices and community meetings covering many areas of interest to the library community. Working group members will provide updates on projects newly underway or recently completed.
Where:  GWCC, Room B207
When:  January 21, 10:30AM-12:00PM
Link:  https://www.eventscribe.com//2017/ALA-Midwinter/fsPopup.asp?Mode=presInfo&PresentationID=232637<https://www.eventscribe.com/2017/ALA-Midwinter/fsPopup.asp?Mode=presInfo&PresentationID=232637>

Catalog Management Interest Group (ALCTS CaMMS): Librarians as a Developer Community: Projects that Can and Should be Replicated
Description:  This year's theme is "Librarians as a Developer Community: Projects that Can and Should be Replicated." We have four presentations: NACO Records by Other Means: Authority Control in Straitened Circumstances (Joseph Nicholson, University of North Carolina at Charlotte); Providing Access to and Discovery of Oral Histories at The University of Kentucky (Marsha Seamans and Kathryn Lybarger, University of Kentucky Libraries); How and Why Catalogers Can and Should Contribute to the Development of a Discovery Chart that Navigates Hidden Domains of Knowledge for Their Users (Andrew T. Sulavik on behalf of Adia Coleman and Colleen Funkhouser, Howard University Libraries); and Prepare to Be Linked : Enhancing MARC Data with URI on a Shoestring (Jackie Shieh, George Washington University)
Where:  GWCC, Room A302
When:  January 21, 1:00-2:30PM
Link:  https://www.eventscribe.com//2017/ALA-Midwinter/fsPopup.asp?Mode=presInfo&PresentationID=232165<https://www.eventscribe.com/2017/ALA-Midwinter/fsPopup.asp?Mode=presInfo&PresentationID=232165>

Competencies and Education for a Career in Cataloging (ALCTS CaMMS)
Description:  There will be three presentations given on the theme of successful cataloging and metadata internship or fellowship experiences:  Sharing knowledge from the perspective of the intern and the supervisor (Mary Gilbertson, University of Arkansas & Baheya Jaber, The University of Alabama); How to build a successful internship experience for beginning catalogers (Heylicken (Hayley) Moreno & Laura Ramsey, WorldCat Quality Control); and Teamwork makes the dream work! Or, many hands make light(er) internship work (Sevim McCutcheon, Kent State University Libraries).
Where:  GWCC, Room B215
When:  January 20, 1:00-2:30PM
Link:  https://www.eventscribe.com/2017/ALA-Midwinter/fsPopup.asp?Mode=presInfo&PresentationID=232168

Scholarly Communications Interest Group (ALCTS): Providing Long-Term Resources and Support for Open Access
Description:  Academic libraries at institutions large and small have taken varied approaches to building campus support for open access. The recent adoption by several campuses of open access policies demonstrates awareness and support for open access, but achieving sustainable support for campus OA initiatives can be challenging. This panel will explore various issues surrounding the costs of building a sustainable scholcomm program including redirecting staffing resources to newer areas such as public access support, research networking services, research data, institutional repositories, open educational resources, copyright education, and open publishing. The panel will explore ways to fund open access publishing by campus authors, as well as implementing an open access collection development policy to more deliberately identify and add OA resources to library collections.
Where:  GWCC, Room A312
When:  January 21, 1:00-2:30PM
Link:  https://www.eventscribe.com/2017/ALA-Midwinter/fsPopup.asp?Mode=presInfo&PresentationID=232198

Bibliographic Standards Committee Controlled Vocabularies Editorial Group Meeting (ACRL RBMS)
Description:  These thesauri provide standardized vocabulary for retrieving special collections materials by form, genre, or by various physical characteristics that are typically of interest to researchers and special collections librarians, and for relating materials to individuals or corporate bodies.
Where:  Westin, Piedmont Room 8
When:  January 21, 1:00-5:30PM
Link:  https://www.eventscribe.com/2017/ALA-Midwinter/fsPopup.asp?Mode=presInfo&PresentationID=232103

Holdings Information Forum (ALCTS CRS)
Description:  The CRS Holdings Committee is pleased to have two presentations on how libraries are using OCLC's Collection Manager at their libraries.  Erin Elzi's (University of Denver) presentation is "It's good in theory, but..." University of Denver's experience with WorldShare Management Collection. Christie Thomas and Kristin Martin (University of Chicago) will present OCLC Collection Manager for Electronic Resource Record Delivery and Holdings Updates: The Chicago Experience  Manager.
Where:  GWCC, Room B207
When:  January 21, 3:00-4:00PM
Link:  https://www.eventscribe.com/2017/ALA-Midwinter/fsPopup.asp?Mode=presInfo&PresentationID=232205

MARC Format Transition Interest Group (ALCTS LITA)
Description:  For at least the last five years, librarians have been talking about moving away from MARC as a descriptive standard, to linked data, and many different library linked data projects are underway. There's been an even longer trend to less local editing of bibliographic records, and increased batch processing. This means it's still unclear how the transition from MARC to linked data will occur, and what will happen to the library catalog. Will there be "original cataloging" in linked data? Will information seekers discover library materials through a web search and be routed back to the local library via links? Does this mean libraries will have to continue to maintain parallel MARC and linked data systems? Or does an "outside in" approach make more sense, where library discovery would be enhanced by linked data sets created outside the library? Find answers to these questions and more at this panel session.
Where:  GWCC, Room B204
When:  January 21, 3:00-4:00PM
Link:  https://www.eventscribe.com/2017/ALA-Midwinter/fsPopup.asp?Mode=presInfo&PresentationID=232181

Faceted Subject Access Interest Group (ALCTS CaMMS)
Description:  The Faceted Subject Access Interest Group provides a forum to discuss the theory and applications related to subject terminology intended for faceted application. At the Midwinter meeting, we are having an informative session focused on the new Library of Congress faceted vocabularies: the Library of Congress Genre/Form Terms (LCGFT), LC Medium of Performance Thesaurus for Music (LCMPT), and LC Demographic Group Terms (LCDGT). There will be two presentations:  "OCLC FAST (Faceted Application of Subject Terminology) Project Update;" and "Enhancing Access to Resources with LC's Faceted Vocabularies."
Where:  GWCC, Room A302
When:  January 21, 4:30-5:30PM
Link:  https://www.eventscribe.com/2017/ALA-Midwinter/fsPopup.asp?Mode=presInfo&PresentationID=232170

Description:  The ALCTS slogan "Creating the future, preserving the past" is just what the PARS Forum is about this Midwinter. Join your colleagues to learn about Oral History interviewing and the importance of collecting our stories. This stimulating program and discussion features Jeanne Drewes, Chief of Binding & Collections Care Division at the Library of Congress and chair of the PARS Oral History Project Working Group, and Cecilia Salvatore, Professor at Dominican University's School of Information Studies and Coordinator, Archives and Cultural Heritage.
Where:  GWCC, Room B215
When:  January 21, 4:30-5:30PM
Link:  https://www.eventscribe.com/2017/ALA-Midwinter/fsPopup.asp?Mode=presInfo&PresentationID=232208

Sunday, January 22

Metadata Interest Group
Description:  Presentations include:  Automating XML remediation with Python's lxml package and schematron (Jeremy Bartczak, University of Virginia) ; Overcoming the Challenges of Implementing Standardized Metadata Practices in a Digital Repository (Sai Deng, University of Central Florida); Using MarcEdit to retool existing MARC records of paper maps for use in an online geoportal (Tim Kiser & Nicole Smeltekop, Michigan State University); Metadata Migration to Leverage Linked Data in an Institutional Repository (Brian Luna Lucero, Columbia University)  Metadata Librarian's Little Helper: OpenRefine Reconciliation Services (Greer Martin, Illinois Institute of Technology); and Git a Grip: Using GitHub to Manage your Metadata Application Profile (Anne Washington, University of Houston).
Where:  GWCC, Room B204
When:  January 22, 8:30-10:00AM
Link:  https://www.eventscribe.com/2017/ALA-Midwinter/fsPopup.asp?Mode=presInfo&PresentationID=232182

Cataloging and Classification Research Interest Group (ALCTS CaMMS)
Description:  In this year's meeting, the CaMMS Cataloging and Classification Research Interest Group offers two presentations and discussions of cataloging-related research and projects.  The presentations are:  Hello From the Other Side: A Stacks Navigation Survey (Autumn Faulkner and Emily Sanford, Michigan State University); and Ostriches, Minotaurs, Ghosts and Fossils in the Brave New Metadata World (Kelley McGrath, University of Oregon).
Where:  GWCC, Room A315
When:  January 22, 10:30-11:30AM
Link:  https://www.eventscribe.com//2017/ALA-Midwinter/fsPopup.asp?Mode=presInfo&PresentationID=232166<https://www.eventscribe.com/2017/ALA-Midwinter/fsPopup.asp?Mode=presInfo&PresentationID=232166>

LC BIBFRAME Update Forum
Description:  This forum provides all ALA Conference attendees with an update on progress in developing and implementing BIBFRAME, the expected replacement for the MARC 21 format in the linked open data environment. Speakers will include Library of Congress developers and implementers from the library and information community.
Where:  GWCC, Room B302-305
When:  January 22, 10:30-11:30AM
Link:  https://www.eventscribe.com/2017/ALA-Midwinter/fsPopup.asp?Mode=presInfo&PresentationID=235056

CaMMS Forum: Working Within and Going Beyond: Approaches to Problematic Terminology or Gaps in Established Vocabularies
Description:  Presentations include: The Ethics of Maintaining LCSH (Janis L. Young, Library of Congress); Examining the Library of Congress Subject Heading "Illegal aliens" (Tina Gross, St. Cloud State University); and Problems with Subject Access to Indigenous Knowledge (Heather Moulaison & Jenny Bossaller, University of Missouri).
Where:  GWCC, Room B207
When:  January 22, 1:00-2:30PM
Link:  https://www.eventscribe.com/2017/ALA-Midwinter/fsPopup.asp?Mode=presInfo&PresentationID=232348

Collection Evaluation and Assessment Interest Group (ALCTS CMS)
Description:  Presentations include:  Sustainable Weeding Based on Usage Data: The UNCG Experience Sharing Process & Lessons Learned (Beth Bernhardt, University of North Carolina, Greensboro); and eBooks: Can They be Cost-Effective? (Peter Rolla, University of California, San Diego).
Where:  GWCC, Room B217
When:  January 22, 1:00-2:30PM
Link:  https://www.eventscribe.com/2017/ALA-Midwinter/fsPopup.asp?Mode=presInfo&PresentationID=232141

Creative Ideas in Technical Services Interest Group (ALCTS)
Description:  Round-table discussions lead by multiple facilitators. Choose the one that interests you most: Metadata in the "Post-Truth" Era; LCDGT (Library of Congress Demographic Group Terms); Contending with Chaos: Authority Control Strategies in a Digital World; All Things MarcEdit: Let's Compare Notes!; The Evolution of Processing Materials; Authority Control in a Pre-Linked Data Environment; and The Role of Cataloging in Transforming Library Metadata into Linked Data. All tables will summarize their discussions and report back to the larger group at the end of the session.
Where:  GWCC, Room B202
When:  January 22, 1:00-2:30PM
Link:  https://www.eventscribe.com//2017/ALA-Midwinter/fsPopup.asp?Mode=presInfo&PresentationID=232174<https://www.eventscribe.com/2017/ALA-Midwinter/fsPopup.asp?Mode=presInfo&PresentationID=232174>

Metadata Standards Committee (ALCTS LITA)
Description:  Meeting of the joint ALCTS/LITA Metadata Standards Committee
Where:  GWCC, Room A303
When:  January 22, 1:00-2:30PM
Link:  https://www.eventscribe.com/2017/ALA-Midwinter/fsPopup.asp?Mode=presInfo&PresentationID=232212

Authority Control Interest Group
Description:  Moderated by Paul Robert Burley (Northwestern University). Presentations include: 'Authority Control' see (also) 'Identity Management' (John J. Riemer, UCLA Library Cataloging & Metadata Center and Violeta Ilik, Galter Health Sciences Library, Northwestern University); Authority Control and the University of Nebraska--Lincoln's Institutional Repository (Margaret (Meg) Mering, University of Nebraska-Lincoln Libraries); Updates from OCLC (Nathan Putnam, OCLC); and Updates from the Library of Congress (Janis L. Young, Library of Congress)
Where:  GWCC, Room A312
When:  January 22, 1:00-5:30PM
Link:  https://www.eventscribe.com/2017/ALA-Midwinter/fsPopup.asp?Mode=presInfo&PresentationID=232173

Collection Management and Electronic Resources Interest Group (ALCTS CMS): Innovative Approaches to Electronic Resources Workflows
Description:  Our program's theme is Innovative Approaches to Electronic Resources Workflows and will feature lighting talks (~10 minutes) from five speakers:  Master Agreements with Master Agreements (Corey S. Halaychik, University of Tennessee Libraries); Caught in a License Breach? Rely on Protocol and a Workflow (Christina Geuther, Kansas State University Libraries); Tactics for Tackling Title Transfers (Susan Davis, University at Buffalo); Providing E-Textbooks for Students: Acquisitions and Workflow Issues (Beth Bernhardt, UNC Greensboro); and Massaging ERM Workflows (Xiaocan (Lucy) Wang, Missouri Southern State University).
Where:  GWCC, Room A315
When:  January 22, 3:00-4:00PM
Link:  https://www.eventscribe.com/2017/ALA-Midwinter/fsPopup.asp?Mode=presInfo&PresentationID=232143

PCC Participants Meeting
Description:  Program on linked data, BIBFRAME, authority data, the future of cooperative metadata projects and the Program for Cooperative Cataloging PCC.
Where:  GWCC, Room B207
When:  January 22, 4:30-5:30PM
Link:  https://www.eventscribe.com/2017/ALA-Midwinter/fsPopup.asp?Mode=presInfo&PresentationID=232674

Monday, January 23

OCLC Research Update
Description:  OCLC Research will present overviews of several active research projects. Following the briefings, audience members will be invited to offer comments and ask questions.  Scheduled topics:  OCLC Membership and Research: Overview (Rachel Frick, OCLC Research Library Partnership); Data Designed for Discovery (Roy Tennant, OCLC Research Library Partnership); ILL Cost Calculator: What's in it for you? (Dennis Massie, OCLC Research Library Partnership); and Amplifying Libraries and Communities through Wikipedia (Sharon Streams, OCLC WebJunction).
Where:  GWCC, Room B406
When:  January 23, 10:30-11:30AM
Link:  https://www.eventscribe.com/2017/ALA-Midwinter/fsPopup.asp?Mode=presInfo&PresentationID=232668

Subject Analysis Committee II (ALCTS CaMMS): Music & Law Genre/Form: Implementation, Practice, and Experience
Description:  Two speakers: Lia Contursi (Columbia University) and Casey Mullin (Western Washington University). Each speaker will be allotted 20 minutes, followed by Q&A.
Where:  GWCC, Room B207
When:  January 23, 1:00-2:30PM
Link:  https://www.eventscribe.com/2017/ALA-Midwinter/fsPopup.asp?Mode=presInfo&PresentationID=232155

Technical Services Workflow Efficiency Interest Group (ALCTS)
Description:  Presentations include:  Remediation of Near-Match Data: Processing Bibliographic Records for Migration to a New ILS (Margaret "Annie" Glerum, Florida State University Libraries); Metadata Madness: Overcoming obstacles to launch a library platform and discovery layer (Briget Wynne & Marilyn White, NIST Research Library); and Doing Similar with Less (Rob Nunez, Kenosha Public Library).
Where:  GWCC, Room A312
When:  January 23, 1:00-2:30PM
Link:  https://www.eventscribe.com/2017/ALA-Midwinter/fsPopup.asp?Mode=presInfo&PresentationID=232200

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