[Eril-l] Off-campus access and Firefox

Leslie Burke Leslie.Burke at kzoo.edu
Fri Jan 6 07:17:55 PST 2017

Are others experiencing problems accessing their off-campus resources when using the Firefox browser? We have had scads of trouble since last spring and summer accessing our e-resources when users access them using Firefox. Most frequently they're getting errors that look like authentication errors, where it looks like the site doesn't get to our proxy (III WAM), but sometimes it just looks like we don't have access. Most of this has been happening with ProQuest resources, but we've experienced it with others as well. They generally get in with another browser.

If you've experienced this issue and have solved it, will you share what you did? Since users are using their own devices/computers off-campus, there doesn't seem to be much our IS department can do to solve this.


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