[Eril-l] Your input is needed on the ISSN revision survey!

Maria Hatfield mhatfield at wtcox.com
Tue Dec 5 09:27:29 PST 2017

Dear colleagues,

A very important survey is underway.  As you may know, the ISSN standard, ISO 3297, is current under revision by an ISO working group.  The working group will  consider various options for the future of the ISSN standard, for example,  creation of an ISSN for "families" of serials, what that family should encompass, and how to designate that ISSN.  Also under consideration will be the granularity of ISSN assignments for e-resources: should ISSN separately identify the pdf, the HTML, the digitized print, etc. version and if so, how.  Would a suffix added to an "e-ISSN," work?  Another crucial topic is how can the ISSN standard be enhanced to facilitate ISSN's role in the linked data environment.  The ISSN International Centre will soon make some ISSN data freely available as linked data, will those elements as listed in the survey be sufficient?  What future directions would you like to see for the ISSN?

As e-resource specialists, this community has valuable expertise and experience to share with the ISO working group via participation in this survey.

Please take the survey today!


If there are any questions that  I, or another ISSN director might answer, please feel free to ask us.

Best regards,


Regina Romano Reynolds
Director, U.S. ISSN Center
Head, ISSN Section
Library of Congress
Washington, DC
(202) 707-6379 (voice)
(202) 707-6333 (fax)
rrey at loc.gov<mailto:rrey at loc.gov>

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